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Much like the Twitter Web Part, the Facebook web part enables you to display your Facebook presence. Using the Facebook social plugin API, the web part displays the name of the page or profile, a "Like Page" button, a count of the total number of likes for the page, and can display recent activity.

Feed web parts like this were popular for many years, but due to functional glitches as well as evolving design and UX trends, we have decided to phase out feed web parts. To replace feed web parts, we have created a new Social Media Web Part that allows you to display linked icons to up to four social accounts in a single, simple panel.
We encourage you to replace your existing Twitter and Facebook feed web parts with the new Social Media Web Part.

See more info about the switch from feeds to the new web part on the Tips & Best Practices page.

Functional Examples

With header image (default settings for web part):
Without header image (set to Hide Cover Art):
With header image and activity stream (set to Include Activity Stream):