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Tips & Best Practices for the Facebook Web Part

Due to the following reasons, we have decided to phase out the use of feed web parts and replace them with a single Social Media Web Part.

  • Interaction with the feeds is low
  • Feeds are visually busy and sometimes look more like ads than genuine content
  • Feeds sometimes display retweeted/shared content not owned by the university and thus presents non-university content on our websites
  • Feeds are inherently difficult to scroll past on mobile. Due to small phone screens and the size of the human finger, the user ends up scrolling within the feed when trying to scroll past it to the navigation
  • Some browsers with certain security settings will default to hide the feed, so for some users, the feeds do not appear at all - sometimes even causing awkward blank space on pages

Pros of the new Social Media Web Part:

  • Display up to four social channels all at once
  • Simplistic, clean look that blends with the rest of the site's design
  • Recognizable, universal icons for the platforms
  • Stylistic consistency across university sites
  • Seamlessly adapts to where you place it on the page — can be used on a home page, in the right sidebar, or in the main content area of a page (it converts to 50% of the main column, but remains full-width in narrower columns)

See the instructions for adding the Social Media Web Part to a page. ​