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Embed Tag Manager

At times a specific site may have a need for an option to embed custom markup, JavaScript or CSS, which has been first created by a developer.  Since our Responsive SharePoint environment does not allow directly embedding CSS, JavaScript, Flash or various embed tags into pages, we have a solution that can bring such content into a specific page or a site as a whole, depending on how a an embedded tag item is scoped.

After a developer has created the needed tag manager entry, we've made it easy for content editors to embed this content by simply inserting the "Embed Tag" web part into a page. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1

Add a Web Part.​

Step 2

Select Web Part and click "add".​

Step 3

Click "Edit Web Part".

Step 4

Click "Tag Manager Configuration".

Step 5

Select appropriate tag name and save.

​ ​​​​