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RSS Reader Web Part Instructions

The RSS Reader Web Part allows you to surface an RSS feed from another site on a page in your site.

Inserting the RSS Reader Web Part​

1. At the root of your site (your home page), in the upper left corner, go to Site Actions and click View All Site Content.

2.  Click on RSSSource in the lists. Add the RSS feed from the source to the RSSSource list by clicking Add New Item. (Note: the source of the feed must begin with http:// or https://.)

3. Place the RSS Reader Web Part on the page you would like it to display by editing the page and then clicking either in the Main Content area or the Right Sidebar. In the ribbon go to the Insert tab, click Web Part and select the RSS Reader Web Part. Click Add.

4. In the top right corner of the web part, click the down arrow, and from the dropdown choose Edit Web Part.

5. Select the RSS feed that you put in the RSSSource in steps 1 and 2 from the "Select RSS source" dropdown.

6. Click Apply, and then OK.

Save & Close and Check In your page.