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As always, log in to edit the page in SharePoint by clicking Editor Login in the bottom right corner of the page, and enter your Campus Connect username and password. Next, click the Edit symbol at the top of the page, or go to the Page tab and click Edit. If the ribbon does not appear, you can access it through the Site Actions dropdown by selecting Show Ribbon, or edit the page directly from the dropdown menu.

IMPORTANT: Conventional and effective tab label names are usually one or a maximum of two words. Efficient non-verbose label naming maintains responsive integrity at narrow viewports, where horizontal space is at a premium.

Inserting Tabs

1. Go to the Insert tab in the ribbon, and click on Web Part.

2. Select Tab Web Part, and hit Add.

3. Click on Add New Item, and enter a Title (this is the name of the tab). In the HTML zone, type in the content, and click OK.

4. Save & Close and Check In the page in the ribbon.

Step-by-step Image Guide

Click in the Main Content area, and in the ribbon click the Insert tab.

Insert webpart
Click on Web Part.
Select Tab Web Part,and click Add.

Click Add New Item.
Enter text into the Title field, and click "Click here to add new content" in the HTML field.

Enter the tab content text, and click OK.

To add another tab, click Add New Item.

Follow the same steps above to add as many tabs as you need. It will look something like this:

Save & Close and Check In the page when you are done.