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Simply put, ta​bs​ are designed to shorten page lengths by taking what was several sections of content and condensing that content. Tabs are great for displaying information while keeping your page tidy and organized. Tabs turn into an accordion menu in a vertical orientation at narrow viewports, not unlike FAQ​

IMPORTANT: Conventional and effective tab labels are usually one or a maximum of two words, and avoid exceeding four tabs per web part. Concise label naming maintains responsive integrity at narrow viewports.


First Tab

Here's some  content in the first tab.

The content can be pretty much anything. You can even insert a document like you would on a normal page.​

Second Tab

More Content

You can add as much or as little content as you need in here.

You can event style the content different ways just as you would on a regular page.​

Third Tab

​You can do a bulleted list!

  • ​Thing 1
  • Thing 2
  • Something else
  • Another item
  • Etc.​​