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​​​It's Election Time! 

Below is the list of candidates running for Staff Council, along with a brief statement.  There are 18 candidates running for 13 open positions. 

All DePaul University Staff are encouraged to vote for the new Staff Council members.  Voting will open on Monday, April 11 and conclude at the end of the day on Sunday, April 24.    

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2022 Candidate Statements

My name is Nathan Axdorff, and I have been at DePaul since May 2021. Although I am newer to this university, I have been working in higher education for eight years. My current role encompasses career advising, academic advising, and employer relations for the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. My unique position allows me to work with students, staff, faculty, alumni, employers, and community members. As such, I will be a valuable member on staff council since I have a high touchpoint with all members of the DePaul community. I plan to help create positive change for all staff members at DePaul University through collaborating with the other members of the council. I will join the council with an open mind, making sure to listen and observe during the first few meetings so that I can recognize the culture and ideals of the current council. Then I will share my own ideas that would further DePaul's Vincentian mission, recognize staff needs, and ultimately support the entire community. A personal goal is to serve as a voice for staff that identify as LGBTQIA+ as that is part of my identity. DePaul strives to be a champion in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), and I think more can be done to support members of the LGBTQIA+ community both in staff and beyond. Thank you for your consideration, and also for the work that you currently do on staff council. We appreciate your efforts!

Hi! My name is Katie Brown, and I am the Associate Director for Operations Management at the Writing Center. I am running for a second term on staff council because of my deep investment in and commitment to DePaul University and the happiness and satisfaction of both its students and staff. During my first term on Staff Council, I served on the DEI committee and on the Effectiveness Committee, using my work on both to advocate for the needs of staff. Along with my other committee members, our work gauged levels of staff satisfaction at DePaul and used the information we gathered to help Staff Council lobby for more work from home flexibility and a carry-over of vacation days. If elected, I would like to continue on this path of helping DePaul's staff fight for what they need and make their positions as fulfilling as possible. I began working for the Writing Center as a student employee as a sophomore undergraduate in 2009, and I loved the work so much that it led me to change my career to one focused on writing centers and student employment. After completing my undergraduate degree from DePaul in 2011, I began supervising student employees, and that continues to be the passion around which I have built my career. I went on to earn an MA in Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse with a concentration in Teaching Composition and certificate in TESOL in 2013, and I completed an MS in Human Resources Management from the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in 2019. I am now working on a PhD in Educational Leadership with a concentration in higher education through the College of Education.

I have been working at DePaul since 2007; initially as a student worker and have full-time status as of 2009. In my current role, I am a Recruitment Technology Specialist for our [Slate by Technolutions] Graduate CRM and I work with various Graduate partners to efficiently and methodically build, implement, manage and maintain the University's recruitment CRM to achieve our enrollment goals. The past 2 years have been difficult for many of us, to say the least, and our communication efforts have been sidetracked along with all of the University changes due to the pandemic. Many of us do not understand, or are not informed of, policy changes that we have incurred, and I would like to be a representative and advocate for staff. Having me as a liaison would benefit, not only members of our Operations staff, but also those staff members that have felt overwhelmed and underrepresented while undergoing changes in leadership, structure and employee turnover.

I am asking for your support to be re-elected to Staff Council. I previously served on Staff Council for 13 years, most recently as Vice President from 2016-2019 and Secretary from 2013-2015. Additionally, I have served on a variety of Staff Council committees including the communications, diversity, effectiveness, and fiscal advisory committees. I have also represented staff on many university committees. I value the voice that Staff Council affords to the staff of the university and enjoy the diversity and knowledge that can be gained by working with individuals with different viewpoints and backgrounds. My background at DePaul involves over 25 years of experience as a staff member and I have held positions as a non-exempt department assistant through an exempt position as Director. My experience allows me to understand the implications on staff from an entry level position to a manager perspective. I feel that this type of voice is needed and a valued part of Staff Council. Because I have a history with Staff Council, I believe that I can provide perspective on a variety of issues. Staff Council has made great strides in recent years to become a major player at the table and well respected by the university administration. It is our duty as members of Staff Council to be informed about the needs of our fellow staff, advocate for the collective good, and communicate information in a timely and effective manner. I hope to continue on Staff Council and to offer my varied experience as a staff member as well as the knowledge I have gained working here full-time for the last 25 years.

Hi! My name is Erin Herrmann, and I serve as an Associate Director in the DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL). This is my 5th year at DePaul. I value working with the UCWbL’s staff of 80 peer writing tutors in addition to facilitating cross-campus collaborations and embodying our university’s Vincentian mission within all I do. I seek to serve on Staff Council to further understand staff members’ needs and experiences across campus and share my own so that we can collaboratively enhance the personal and professional lives of staff at DePaul. I am prepared to lead on Staff Council because of my experiences collaborating with staff, students, faculty, and alumni within and beyond the UCWbL. I lead the UCWbL’s programs for events, mentoring, onboarding, and ongoing professional development. I accomplish the goals of these programs through listening, collaboration, and follow-through. In addition, I am actively engaged across campus through Mission and Ministry as a Mission Ambassador and a co-facilitator for the Faculty Writing Community and a Lent Faith-Sharing group as well as through the DePaul Women’s Network and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity’s BUILD program. I believe in activating community networks for support, increased access, and collaborative changemaking. On Staff Council, I will contribute my efforts to the important work of advocating for and connecting staff members to resources and to each other. One of my goals is to plan events for community building as we continue to recover stability amidst hybrid work. Thank you!

I’ve been in Academia for five years now, and at DePaul for the last four. I have been shaped in higher Education through nearly two decades developing and coordinating internship and job opportunities for students, and creating better work environments for all, in ever evolving work spaces. I’m passionate about sustainability, social change, education, and creating opportunities for employee growth and career advancement. I’ve had the opportunity to serve with Staff Council shortly after I started at DePaul, and I hope to return this cycle to continue work in those areas I feel most strongly about. Prior to my work at DePaul, I served as a lobbyist and advocacy director for the American Cancer Society, and Director of Operations for Facets -- an international nonprofit media arts organization headquartered just block from the Lincoln Park campus. Throughout my career, I’ve been a strong voice and successful change agent for a wide variety of issues related to diversity, education, healthcare, human resources, community outreach, and university relations. I’m excited to offer these experiences and contribute, to the best of my ability, to the future success of the University. I ask you for your support.

My name is Stephanie LeCorgne and I have been serving as a Grants & Contracts Specialist on the Award Management team within the Office of Research Services since November 2020. Since joining DePaul, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of change within the university and have played a small part in guiding some of those changes to better serve faculty and staff engaged in the management of sponsored research activity. Experiencing the satisfaction of helping others and wanting to be more involved in the success of my colleagues is what inspired me to submit my application for Staff Council. As a prospective member, I look forward to becoming a greater advocate for staff and exploring ways in which DePaul can support its employees in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, serving the community, and building relationships that are a core part of DePaul’s mission. To continue advancing the goals and fundamental commitments of the university, DePaul requires a dedicated and skilled staff to support its operations. By applying past experience as an educator and a passion for learning, my expertise in non-profit project management, an aptitude for technology, and my own Vincentian personalism and professionalism, I believe I could be a value to the council and contribute to cultivating a positive impact to the staff experience. Emphasizing my expressed excitement at the opportunity of joining Staff Council and profound appreciation for your consideration!

I have been at DePaul for over 10 years now and I have attended numerous staff council meetings (even the ones without snacks). I'm hoping that perspective and vote will be useful to Staff Council.

My name is Ani Mauricio. I am an Assistant Director for the Office of Graduate Admission for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the College of Science and Health. My journey at DePaul started over ten years ago as a student worker in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. I was hired as a full-time staff member my first year. The following year, I became a Chicago Quarter staff professional where I had the opportunity to partner with a faculty and student CQM to welcome freshman into the university. It was a program I enjoyed participating in for 5 years. I left DePaul in 2019 to teach in Chicago Public Schools but decided to come back. DePaul is where I feel at home. During my time at DePaul, I have always felt a part of a community and supported by my colleagues. I am interested in joining staff council to learn more about the university as well as help other staff members feel supported at DePaul. The pandemic has created some exceptional shifts in the dynamics of how we interact and engage within our communities. If selected as a staff council member, my goal would be to listen and learn alongside other members and contribute to keeping DePaul’s mission and identity in our established professional and academic environments in any way I can. I also want to extend my network within DePaul and grow as a higher education professional. Please consider electing me for Staff Council.

I have been at DePaul for 15 years, working in the LAS undergraduate college office as a project assistant, but my family's involvement with DePaul goes back over 50 years. For our family, like many others, DePaul provided the first opportunity for a college education. It has been rewarding to serve on staff council and to be an advocate on issues such as safety and security, staff benefits, diversity and inclusion, working remotely, and the vaccine and mask mandates, to have had the chance to collaborate with both the faculty and student councils. I feel strongly that DePaul is the institution that it is because of the dedication of his people, and this is a great way to continue to be involved. Thank you for your consideration. Claire Paetsch

I have been involved with DePaul University in some capacity (student, student-employee, staff member) since I made the decision to return to college as an adult and finish my bachelor’s degree in the summer of 2014. Almost immediately, I recognized it as an almost abnormally welcoming place staffed with some of the nicest people I had ever met. I knew I wanted to be a part of the DePaul mission. In 2015, I was hired as a student employee in, what was then known, as The Office of Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs. I was charged with organizing functions, tabling at events for incoming students and doing whatever I could to make students feel welcome. On my own time, I gave presentations to new SNL (now SCPS) students to share my experience and expose them to the many things DePaul could offer them. I can honestly say that much of my decision to become a Double Demon was my desire to stay at AVCSA and to, hopefully, find a full time position here. My dream was answered when I was hired in my present position as the Administrative Assistant at The Center for Students with Disabilities. Helping our students has been extremely gratifying. I can see, first-hand, the struggles faced by our students and am proud of the difference we make in their lives. I believe that serving on the Staff Council, may enable me to, perhaps, make others aware of the challenges some of these students must overcome.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to express my interest in re-election to Staff Council. During my first term in Staff Council, I utilized my skills as a Senior Administrative Assistant to collaborate with the communications committee team on a reliable process to disseminate the news of Staff Council meetings and events. I also joined the Staff Quality Service and Provost DEI Award committees to recognize outstanding staff colleagues whose service reflects the vision and mission of DePaul, and who work arduously to serve our community. More recently, I joined the Policy Review Group to connect staff with important updates to DePaul’s policies and guidelines, and I also joined the LAS/ Art Institute Committee to assist with external partnerships. My main goal as a Staff Council member is to pay forward the support and solidarity that fellow Staff Council colleagues have generously offered and thus empower colleagues to envision a bright future in which we may continue the diplomatic work of reaching consensus, collaboration, and solutions- together. I aspire to further serve you and all staff, and, therefore, I humbly ask for your support to be re-elected into Staff Council for a second term. Many thanks for your consideration.

The call to being on Staff Council was a suggestion from my current supervisor, in which he emphasized that this would be an opportunity to evolve my career and professional development within the DePaul University community. I started my role here as Digital Media Associate, on August 19th, 2019. Since then, I have captured numerous campus events as the campus photographer and videographer. As I continue my role here at DePaul, I am always looking for opportunities for professional growth and broadening my network with my staff colleagues. I'm hoping that by joining Staff Council, I will be able to obtain more institutional knowledge with my staff colleagues in addition to opportunities for professional and growth development in my role as Digital Media Associate. Furthermore, I am hopeful that my voice will make an impact for my staff colleagues and provide impact for the DePaul University community as a whole, through our shared Catholic Vincentian mission.

My name is Taylor Stapleton and I serve as Executive Associate Athletics Director for Revenue Generation & Strategic Initiatives. I've been with DePaul University since November 2020, coming from the University of Kentucky. I’m eager to run for Staff Council to bring fresh perspectives and outside experiences to assist the work of the council. I look forward to continuing to meet our staff across all areas of the university and finding new and innovative ways to work together to build an enriched and informed campus community. I truly believe in our crucial role as staff members to create and foster the culture we want to see at our university. In my current, I work daily to find new and engaging ways to advocate for the advancement of our entire University through the exposure the Athletics Department receives. I believe my role will allow me to bring unique resources and insights to bear to assist Staff Council achieve its mission. I am hopeful for the opportunity to advocate for staff interests and provide a proactive voice on issues that have a significant impact on our university to create a better place for us all to work. DePaul has already had a tremendous impact on me personally, and I hope to have the opportunity to give back to continue deepen our university’s commitment to our Catholic, Vincentian, and urban mission.

I would like to earn your vote to serve on the DePaul‘s University Staff Council. I have always had respect for DePaul Staff. For the past 2 years, it was a privilege representing staff during the SRAC budget planning. Working alongside DePaul leadership during the budget decision process, was a testament to how respected the reputation of staff exposed, as we worked hard to keep our University up and running, for the leadership, faculty and students. Continually advocating concerns COVID19 pandemic continue to create. The important work for Staff Council is raising and responding to staff needs, policy changes, employment, burnout, loss of colleagues in critical roles, morale, and schedules online, in person, life work balance and all other concerns. I will continue to advocate as together we welcome the challenge of welcoming many new Leadership colleagues to DePaul, to keep the role of staff critical and at the forefront. All while together we slowly return to a new working environment. I will ALWAYS raise the DePaul staff voices to any process. I work in the College of Education advising office for 18 years and I truly believe in the mission DePaul’s Catholic Vincentian foundation, where staff are included in the governance structure. Staff representation on committee’s preservers the integrity of the University’s mission and strategic goals to be inclusive of all voices. Every June we get to witness our students graduating. I think of all the staff that worked behind the scenes on their behalf. Sincerely Sandra Tanksley

I want to make a difference. As a DePaul University alumna and now staff member, the Vincentian question of “What must be done?” has been a driving force—whether consciously or unconsciously—behind many of my personal and professional choices. I have only been a staff member for nine months in the Advancement and External Relations Division as the Assistant Director for Annual Giving, enabling me to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to serve the staff and university community. I am a strong writer, problem solver, project manager, and relationship builder, and I want to put those skills to work serving our community. We spend 40+ hours a week advancing the goals and visions of the university, and I am a passionate proponent of making those 40+ hours as enjoyable, meaningful, and rewarding as possible. If elected, I would advocate for more robust shared governance and ensure that the administration takes our thoughts and views into account. I would also work toward advancing our Diversity, Mission and Inclusion efforts and advocating for more professional development opportunities. Ultimately, I want to do whatever must be done to make DePaul an even better place to work.

My name is Elisa Trujillo, and I have been a part of the DePaul family for 14 years. I started my journey at the university as a student worker in 2003. I transitioned to full-time employment within the Office of Graduate Admission servicing the College of Education and College of Communication in 2008. I am currently an Assistant Director in the Office of Graduate Admission and the co-chair of DePaul’s Parent Connection Group. I have formed meaningful and valuable relationships with other DePaul community members and have been inspired by many throughout the years. I have also witnessed the incredible work that the Staff Council has completed. It is now time I use my experience and my sincere interest in the well-being of my fellow staff members to advocate for them. If elected to serve on Staff Council, I will work towards being the voice for underrepresented groups by using my diverse background and keeping in line with DePaul’s mission and values.

Serving as your Staff Council president has been a privilege. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue this good work as a leader and advocate. Inspired by the prospect of operating under the next normal and a different brand of pressure, I put forth my candidacy to recommit to Staff Council. If supported, I intend to run for Staff Council President for another term.

The last two years presented no shortage of learning opportunities given the complex circumstances we navigated together as university staff. A new term as a council member will allow me to support continuity in Staff Council initiatives and priorities of leadership. The prospect of operating under more ordinary circumstances as we work in community to promote and develop new standards around our collective health and safety motivates me. I remain up for new challenges and am driven by the numerous productive acts and accomplishments of university Staff.

Staff Council has a strong team of committee chairs, officers, and general membership and most importantly – we have momentum. There are valuable priorities and goals I'd like to communicate strongly as we welcome a new university President. The past two years leading Staff Council, coupled with 17 years of experience at DePaul in the Facility Operations division, provides me with the opportunity to strengthen and reintroduce relationships between staff and university leadership to ensure that the staff voice, informed by Council and staff in general, remains cogent, respected, and prioritized.