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Laura Mariela Aranda

  • Community Service Scholars Program Coordinator
  • Public Affairs MPAff, Political Science BA, International Studies BA​​​​​​​​​​

  • Steans Center

Laura Mariela Aranda serves on the Academic Service Learning team charged with implementing the Community Studies Scholarship program (CSS) and supporting ~90 scholars through their Community Service Studies Minor, quarterly service, workshops, peer mentorship, and professional development activities. Laura also works with the faculty director of the CSS Minor to provide students with advice regarding university resources. In addition, Laura serves as a workshop and retreat planner and facilitator, collaborating with community and on-campus partners to create engaging and meaningful opportunities for scholars.

Areas of consultation:

·         Development and facilitation of workshops and retreats for students

·         Student advisement pursuing community engagement and professional development

·         Development of Steans and community organization partnerships

·         Work with campus partners to support students’ transition, engagement, awareness, and action​