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Rubén Álvarez Silva

  • Assistant Director for Academic Service Learning
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA
    Political Science, Economics & Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies BA​

  • Steans Center
  • 773-325-8132
Rubén challenges and supports the Academic Service Learning (ASL) team in the development of high-quality Community-based Service Learning (CbSL) courses. He co-leads ASL around Community and Faculty Development initiatives, serves on Steans, Egan & Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) Management Team. 

Areas of Consultation:

  • Faculty, Community Partners and internal departments interested and involved in community engagement
  • Engages with faculty to assist in the integration of Community-based Service Learning (CbSL) pedagogy and modalities into their courses and/or programs
  • Engages with community partners to identify opportunities to connect community-assets with CbSL partnerships in order to further their mission
  • ​Works with other DePaul departments and programs interested/involved in community engagement activities.