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International Engagement

International Community Engagement and Global Learning Experience Courses

International service learning (ISL) and Global Service Learning (GSL) engages faculty and students in collaboratively designed community engagement in support of international and community partners.

ISL and GSL raise complex issues relating to social inequality, inequity, and privilege, especially when students and faculty are engaged in costly international travel. As such, the Steans Center supports long-term, multi-year partnerships where faculty connect students to international social justice issues/activities preferably before, during and after travel abroad.

The Center also supports faculty seeking to integrate courses taught collaboratively with faculty from institutions across the world. In partnership with DePaul’s Office of Global Engagement, the Center supports faculty with the integration of Global Learning Experience (GLE) curriculum and service learning assignments focused on common social, economic and political issues across the respective countries or regions.

The Steans Center currently supports ISL, GSL and GLE-Service Learning courses in the following countries:




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Rio Limpio Farming


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International Service Learning Programs Currently Enrolling Students

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