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Departmental Partnerships

The Steans Center develops long-term partnerships with academic units across DePaul University. These partnerships are built on a mutual understanding of how, why and when community engagement is integrated into curriculum and scholarship. We support chairs, program directors, and/or individual faculty members to engage in community partnership development and share whatever resources we can to support further development of such partnerships. The Center firmly believes that long-term sustainable partnerships between academic units and community partners produce the most successful outcomes for community-based learning, teaching, and scholarship.

For more information, contact Helen Damon-Moore.

Sample Departmental Partnership

Nursing (College of Science and Health)
The School of Nursing has a long history of integrating community engagement within their curriculum and faculty scholarship. Community-based learning is a woven throughout SON's two-year Master's Entry to Nursing Program and faculty are deeply committed to guiding students to understand the social determinants of health through deep immersion into community-based organizations addressing the most critical social issues in Chicago. In addition, faculty are engaged in scholarship on community-based learning in the curriculum as well as engaging in community-based participatory research alongside their students. ‚Äč