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Appointments Required
CSLS is available by appointment only. Please call (773) 325-1588 to set up an appointment. Please have your DePaul ID number available when you call.  

When should I contact CSLS?
It may not be possible to meet with an attorney on the same day that you contact our office. For this reason, you should schedule an appointment with CSLS as soon as you think you may need legal assistance. Do not wait until the day before you have court to contact CSLS.  

What if I don't know if CSLS can help?  
Schedule an appointment anyway. CSLS provides professional advice and consultation in a wide variety of areas and will be happy to meet with you to offer resources and determine the extent to which we can assist you.  

Missed Appointments
To cancel or reschedule an appointment, student-clients are expected to call CSLS in advance of a scheduled appointment. If a student-client misses two appointments in a quarter without providing CSLS with advanced notice, that student will not be eligible to use CSLS for the remainder of that quarter.