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Extent of Services

​​​​​CSLS provides resources to students who are representing themselves, helps students find answers to their legal questions, and provides attorne​y referrals. CSLS does not take cases for full representation or represent students in court.  ​​
  • CSLS attorneys may assist students with selecting appropriate legal forms and provide some guidance on completing those forms.
  • CSLS attorneys cannot and will not take a side in any matter.
  • CSLS attorneys do not represent any party in the legal matters discussed.
  • No attorney-client relationship is established through a meeting at CSLS.
  • While CSLS attorneys will not discuss matters with other parties or outside CSLS, matters discussed at CSLS are not legally privileged and confidential.
  • CSLS attorneys cannot offer students assistance with disputes involving DePaul University. 
  • CSLS attorneys are not responsible for the result of any cases discussed in the clinic.
  • If you already have an attorney, CSLS cannot assist you.