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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Participate in Supplemental Instruction:

  • Weekly study sessions for traditionally difficult courses, such as General Chemistry and the Principles of Microeconomics
  • Led by student leaders
  • Can help you earn better grades
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  • 07/25/2017 - Econ Jeopardy!

    If you’ve ever had to choose between Jeopardy! and studying for you MicroEcon exam, we’re got your solution! One of our SI Leaders, Delaney, created…
  • 07/25/2017 - BIO 193 Practice Exams

    Here’s a  couple of BIO 193 practice exams, so you can see what you already know and what you might want to study a little…
  • 07/25/2017 - MAT 130 Logarithm Board Game

    This fun board game, Log Race, was designed by one of our SI Leaders, Lauryn, to help you practice logarithms. Check it out below!