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Meetings & Events

More and more individuals and businesses are discovering DePaul University as a site to hold their seminars, conferences and meetings. The university offers two Suburban Campuses throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area with a wide variety of space and services to accommodate all your meeting requirements. The campuses are located in Naperville and O'Hare/Chicago.


​Naperville Meetings & Events​​ | O'Hare Meetings & Events

The Suburban Campuses serve a dual purpose in that the primary function is for higher learning. Academic classes meet in the evening, while the facilities are used for meetings and events during the day. When meeting participants come to DePaul University, they leave their daily work environment behind and enter a setting conducive to serious intellectual effort. There’s really no better place than a university to share knowledge, discuss issues and learn new information.

We offer high quality, cost effective, streamlined meeting and event services for the DePaul community and outside business groups. Our expertise spans all types of meetings, events, programs, testing, academic symposiums, staff training and departmental receptions.

Naperville Campus Meetings and Events Services Coordinator - Tina Riddell - Phone: 312-476-4508 -
O'Hare Campus Meetings and Events Services Coordinator - Kate Slomka Phone - 312-476-3627 -

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