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Call for Proposals: Webinars and Workshops

Proposals are being accepted for webinars and online, asynchronous workshops for the 2020-2021 academic year. The proposal deadline is August 24, 2020. Individuals submitting proposals can expect to hear back from the review committee by September 14, 2020. The intended audience for these webinars and workshops is anyone who teaches at DePaul.

Proposal Types


Webinars are an hour long and demonstrate innovative teaching strategies, tools, and resources. Webinars help instructors identify evidence- and practice-based solutions to common teaching challenges.


Workshops are asynchronous and include structured learning activities that guide participants through a process of identifying and applying new teaching ideas, methods, tools, and/or strategies. Participants who complete a workshop should be able to apply what they’ve learned in their own teaching contexts. Asynchronous workshops typically span 2-3 weeks and require sustained interaction between participants and the facilitator(s).

Selection Criteria

Please keep in mind the selection criteria that reviewers will use to evaluate proposals:

  • Relevance: The topic relates to teaching and learning.
  • Applicability: The topic is interdisciplinary, meaning that the title and description are likely to appeal to a wide range of DePaul faculty and staff, and the proposal describes how the facilitator(s) will guide participants from various disciplines in thinking about how the topic can be put into practice in their teaching context.
  • Utility: Based on the description, outcomes, and activities, the workshop or webinar is likely to provide ideas, strategies, or techniques that participants can apply to their own teaching.
  • Achievability: The outcomes are specific and achievable within the time available.
  • Interactivity: For workshops, the proposal describes structured, interactive learning activities that will account for at least half of the session time. For webinars, at least 20 minutes are reserved for active learning and/or Q&A.
  • Credibility: The proposal incorporates evidence from an instructor's own teaching experience and research from credible sources such as scholarly books and peer-reviewed articles.

Facilitator Stipends

  • Webinars
    • Single facilitator - $200
    • Co-facilitator - $150 each (up to two facilitators)
  • Online Asynchronous Workshops
    • Single facilitator - $400
    • Co-facilitator - $250 each (up to two facilitators)

Proposal Form

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If you have any questions or concerns, please email facultydevelopment@depaul.edu.