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Teaching Commons Workshop Series

The Teaching Commons Workshop Series covers a range of teaching-related topics, such as how to implement various teaching methods, how to apply the latest research on teaching and learning, and how to integrate DePaul’s resources into the classroom. Participants are invited to join the Teaching and Learning Certificate Program, which asks faculty to build on their learning from the workshops and create reflective teaching portfolios. Faculty take an active role leading the workshops and are encouraged to share their own knowledge and expertise by proposing to lead future workshops.

Propose a Workshop

Use this form to submit a proposal for the Teaching Commons Faculty Development Series. The proposal deadline for the 2019-2020 academic year is July 9th, 2019. We are accepting proposals for three types of sessions:  

  • 2-hour in-person or online workshop: Workshops will be reserved for those who are proposing structured activities to guide participants through a process of thinking about new teaching ideas, methods, tools, and/or strategies that participants can use in their own teaching. Workshops should be proposed when the presenter(s) have very structured activities in mind that will result in some 'deliverable' that workshop participants will be able to take with them and implement in their own classrooms soon after the session.
  • 60-minute presentation or webinar: Presentations or webinars are relatively short presentations (20-30 minutes) of teaching methods, tools, or resources with the rest of the time set aside for one or more interactive elements. Presentations or webinars should be proposed when the presenter(s) would like to expose participants to new teaching ideas, methods, tools, and/or strategies and guide them through a process of thinking about how they might be able to apply the content being presented in their own teaching contexts.
  • 15-minute talk: Talks are short presentations in which the facilitator would like to share a provocative idea or teaching method. Multiple talks will be combined into a longer session that includes time for discussion.

If selected, session facilitators will be compensated for their time with stipends in the amounts listed below. If a session has co-facilitators the stipend will be split evenly among them. 

  • 2-hour in-person or online workshop: $300 
  • 60-minute presentation or webinar: $150
  • ​15-minute talk: $50 

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