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Online Facilitation Essentials

​Online Facilitation Essentials (OFE) is a two-week, fully online training that helps faculty master the fundamentals of facilitating existing online and hybrid courses. Faculty will learn and apply pedagogical strategies for online discussion, feedback, and time management. Participants will also experience group activities, online discussion, and online learning activities from a student perspective.

In OFE, participants will create:

  • a welcome announcement
  • an ice-breaker discussion prompt
  • a short, no-frills video recorded with Panopto
  • a summary of student participation expectations and grading criteria for online discussions

Does OFE have required meetings?

No. OFE is completely asynchronous. There are assignment deadlines each week, but participants do not have to be online at specific times or meet via video conference. 

Who is OFE for?

OFE is open to both full-time and adjunct faculty who are interested in expanding and improving their online-teaching skills. It's particularly useful for faculty who are new to online learning or those who are teaching a course designed by a colleague. Faculty interested in designing an online course "from scratch" should consider completing the DePaul Online Teaching Series (DOTS), which provides a more in-depth exploration of emerging technologies and best practices in online instruction.


Start Date End Date Registration
Fall 2021​

Time Commitment and Tech Requirements

The course runs approximately two weeks and requires approximately seven hours per week to complete. Participants must have consistent access to the internet for the duration of the course and should be willing/able to log in and participate on a daily basis. (Please note that, while OFE does include online discussions via the discussion board in D2L, there are no face-to-face or video conference meetings.) 

Alternatives and Additional Resources

While OFE can be a helpful starting point for beginners, some instructors may prefer a self-paced option that addresses online teaching and course-design concepts in greater detail. To address this need,  the Center for Teaching and Learning has set up a space in D2L that includes all of the readings, videos, and other instructional materials found in the DePaul Online Teaching Series (DOTS) training program. Depending on your schedule and comfort level with self-paced learning, you may find that going through the DOTS materials will provide a more thorough foundation in online teaching practices in a format that is a better fit for you than OFE. 

To request access to the DOTS materials, please complete the access request form.  

Note: while you're welcome to access the DOTS materials and complete OFE, keep in mind that OFE is not self-paced. OFE is facilitated by a staff member in the Center for Teaching and Learning and requires a significant time commitment over a period of two weeks. The DOTS materials, on the other hand, may be a better fit if you already have some basic familiarity with online teaching or need a more flexible option that allows you to learn at your own pace.