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To help ensure academic integrity in online exams DePaul offers security and verification services via Examity. Examity is a live proctoring service for online exams, in which students are monitored and recorded. The online proctors observe DePaul students during exams, and intervene if required. Detailed reports and videos are sent to faculty if DePaul’s Academic Integrity Policies are broken.

Request Examity

Faculty members may request Examity for their upcoming fully online course using the link below. If you are a student looking to schedule your exam, please use the Examity link that is in your D2L course, and ask your instructor if you have any questions.

Please note you must fill out a form for each exam.

Request Examity

Here at DePaul, Examity is only available for fully online courses. Examity is designed for high-stakes exams, such as midterms and finals. Please note that while there is no cost to the student, the University will only cover costs for up to two exams per course.

Each D2L course that uses Examity will have a link to the Examity Dashboard:

Examity Dashboard
The Examity dashboard is divided into 4 sections: 
  1. Courses/Exams: This is where you will go to edit your exam shell, select your FairExam Level of Online Security and tailor the rules to meet your needs.   
  2. Student: Click the “Student” tab to search student enrollment records. 
  3. Exam Status: Track your students’ scheduled, completed and proctored exams. You will also have access to the video recordings of all proctored tests as well as time-stamped flags and comments.   
  4. Reports: Review analytics associated with your exams.  

Selecting Your FairExam Level and Tailoring Exam Rules

  1. Click on Courses/Exams.
    Click on Courses/Exams
  2. Next, click on the white arrow beside the course ID # on the left-hand side.
    Next, click on the white arrow beside the course ID # on the left-hand side.
  3. A list of exams within the course will drop down. Click on the pencil icon in the row of the exam you wish to edit.
    List of exams showing pencil icon in exam rows.
  4. A screen will pop up that is titled Edit Exam. Verify your exam details.
    Exam details view
  5. Select your FairExam Level from the drop down menu. We suggest that you select Level 3: Live ProctoringLearn more about FairExam Levels on Examity's website. 
    View of FairExam levels in dropdown menu.
  6. Scroll down to see the Exam Rules listed. In the Additional Rules section, check all boxes that apply. Enter any special instructions for the proctor and/or student in the Special Instructions text box.
    Exam Rules View
    To save information entered in the Special Instructions box, click Save before hitting Update. Proctor support will read your notes prior to the exam and make sure all students adhere to them.

Special Accommodations

If students require test accommodations, you can make sure proctor support is aware ahead of time by entering the information in Examity.

  1. First, click on Students on the Examity dashboard. 
    View of Examity dashboard with Students link highlighted
  2. Next, click on the Search button.
    Students view in Examity with Search button highlighted
  3. Then, click on the Pencil icon located in the row of the student who requires the accommodation. 
    View of student dashboard with focus on pencil icon in row of student needing accommodations.
  4. Select Yes from the Special Accommodations drop down menu and enter the appropriate information. 
    Edit student view in Examity for adding special accommodations note.

Scheduling Outside the Testing Window

If your student needs to schedule their exam outside the testing window please fill out this form: Reschedule Examity Exam

Tracking Exam Status

  1. Check the status of scheduled, completed, and proctored exams by clicking Exam Status in the Examity dashboard. You can see which students have completed their exams and whether or not they had any violations. This is also where you view any student violations. 
    View of Examity dashboard showing Exam Status link highlighted
  2. You can watch videos of your students taking their exams by clicking the blue View link. If the View link is not clickable, that means the exam has not yet been audited. All exams will be audited within 48 hours of the student completing the exam. 
    View of Examity Exam Status dashboard showing View link highlighted
    Recordings are available for 30 days and then removed from the Examity system to ensure privacy for all parties involved.

Examity Flagging System

The Examity flagging system provides instructors with a snapshot of what happened during each test.   
View of Examity flags
  • Green flags are raised when there is no incident. 
  • Yellow flags are issued when a rule is broken but cheating does not take place. 
  • Red flags are given when the student exhibits clear cheating behavior. 
  • Blue alerts are communicated If a technical issue arises. 
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