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My Courses Widget

The My Courses widget appears on the D2L homepage upon login. The My Courses widget displays tiles that represent courses pertaining to a user. Courses are organized by term and can be navigated through selecting tabs. 

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Change the Banner Image from the Main D2L Home Page

In the My Courses widget, a banner image is automatically assigned to each course based on the course title. The course title is also automatically generated and may display an abbreviated name The banner image that appears on the course homepage, and you can also change the text displayed over the image.    

  1. Open your main D2L home page.  You will see a gallery of thumbnail  images which represent your courses.  
  2. Select the thumbnail image of the course for which you want to change the banner image.  Hover over the thumbnail image, and select the 3-dot ellipsis button (Figure 1.A) that appears.  A drop-down menu will open.
  3. Select Change Image (Figure 1.B) from the drop-down menu.   The "Change Image" page will open which displays many images to choose from.
    click dots to change course image
    ​Figure 1.Select the 3-dot ellipsis button to change the banner image

  1. On the resulting "Change Image" page, look for an image that you will want to use as the new banner image on your course home page.   Hover over that chosen thumbnail image, and the words Use this image will appear.  Click on those words to change the image.  
    • If you want to search for more images, type keywords into the search bar and select the magnifying glass icon to bring up new suggestions.
    • If you want to upload your own image, select the link Upload.    You will be prompted to navigate to the file to upload it.   While the display size for the banner is 1170 by 200 pixels, it is recommended that the image you upload is 2400 by 960 pixels to ensure that the image you select displays clearly for all these scenarios.   Images are automatically resized for the appropriate location and display.   Because the image resizes, it is recommended that you not use text as part of the image.

Change the Banner Image from the Main D2L Home Page

You within a course you can change the banner image, and also edit the text that overlays the image.  

    • To change the image while in your course, hover over the banner image, and click on the 3-dot ellipsis button that appears.   Select Change Image (Figure 2.A).  Proceed with steps listed in Step 4 above.
    • To change the text which overlays the image, select Customize Banner Text (Figure 2.B).

    • To remove the banner altogether, select Remove This Banner (Figure 2.C).

      • If you do remove the banner image, you will get a message allowing you to undo.   Also, you can change your mind later and add an image, by going to the 3-dot ellipsis button at the bottom of your course home page.  This button, when selected,  leads to a menu that allows you to select Display Home Page Bannerchange banner image while in the courseFigure 2. Change image settings from within your course

Pin Courses to your D2L Home Page

Whenever you select the DePaul logo from D2L (Figure 3.A), you return to your main course home screen.    You can filter which courses are viewed by the upper menu under the words My Courses.  In FIgure 1.B,  All is selected, so all courses will display, but you can also choose to be more selective and choose a term, etc.   

Pinning courses will bring them to the top of the list of courses that are displayed by thumbnail images.   

  1. Select the 9-point grid at the top of the screen (Figure 3.C).   From the dropdown menu that appears, select the thumbtack icon to pin a course.   In Figure 3.D the course has been pinned, and you can see that there is also a thumbtack icon appearing over the image (Figure 3.E).    Images that are not pinned has an empty thumbtack icon in the dropdown menu, and as seen in Figure 3.F will display the 3-dot ellipsis button icon if you hover over the image.   
options for pinning a course to the D2L home page
Figure 3. Options for pinning a course to the main D2L home screen
  1. You can also change pin a course from the main D2L home screen by hovering over any course thumbnail image, and selecting the 3-dot ellipsis button that appears (Figure 4.A).   You will see a pop-up menu for image edit options  - select Pin (Figure 4.B).   As a result this course will be pinned to your main D2L home page.
    pin from the course thumbnail image
    Figure 4. Pin from the course thumbnail image

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