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Adding a Panopto Link

​To allow students easy access to Panopto for assignments, a Panopto link can be created within the Content area of a course. This link will direct students to the Panopto assignment folder, allowing them to upload their video content.

Note: Students can also access Panopto via depaul.hosted.panopto.com and following the directions outlined in Downloading Panopto and Recording a Video.

  1. Navigate to the Content area of the course.
  2. Select a module. (See Creating a Module for more information.)
  3. Select Add Existing Activities to release a menu of options [A]. 
  4. Select External Learning Tools [B].
    external learning tools dropdown menu
  5. Select Panopto Recordings [A].
    add panopto recordings
  6. A pop-up window will read "Topic Successfully Created." When students click on the Panopto Recordings link, they will see the assignment folder at the top of the page. Instructors will access the videos from the assignment folder.


Provide students with instructions. Students will need instructions for using Panopto Capture or downloading the Panopto recorder, and uploading their video to Panopto.

It is recommended to provide students with a link to Providing Students with Panopto Instructions - Instructor as Only Viewer. News items and assignment descripti​ons are good places to provide the link.