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Creating a Panopto Assignment Folder

When using Panopto for student assignments, after reviewing Adding Panopto to a Class, an assignment folder can be created to house all student submissions. Students all have access to upload videos to their individual "My Folder," but students can upload videos to an assignment folder so instructors can access all videos at once through Panopto. To have students submit videos through D2L instead, see Accepting Video Files as Submissions.

  1. Navigate to Panopto (via the navigation bar or via the external learning tools link).
  2. At the top of the page will be the name of the course Panopto folder. This corresponds to the name of the course in D2L. 
  3. Select the gear icon to open the Folder Settings [A].
    gear icon to edit folder settings
  4. The Overview tab will open. Under "Assignment Folder" heading, select Student Submissions [A].
    create folder for student submissions
  5. The folder will be created.

Note: Panopto assignment folders do not copy when a course is copied. So, the step of creating a Panopto assignment folder will need to happen every quarter.


If adopting Option 1: Students Share their Videos with the Class, the next step is to create the D2L discussion that students will use for sharing their media content via Panopto. See Creating a Discussion Board for more information. Once created, use  Providing Students with Instructions - Class as Viewers, but be sure to give students instructions to submit to the appropriate assignment folder instead of "My Folder." 

If adopting Option 2: Students Share their Videos Only with the Instructor, the next step is to add a Panopto link to the Content area. See Adding a Panopto Link for instructions. Then, use Providing Students with Instructions - Instructor as Only Viewer, but be sure to give students instructions to submit to the appropriate assignment folder instead of "My Folder.​