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Presentation Tools​

​What are they?

Applications that allow you to record and/or upload media to create a lecture or presentation. All of them host your presentation online and allow you to embed it into your D2L course site. Essentially you can use these tools to record lectures for your online classes, or you can have students use them to create presentations as part of an assignment. 

Use Cases

A person using a computer

Panopto, VoiceThread and Screencast-o-Matic are both content authoring and file hosting tools. You can use them to narrate media on your computer, including PowerPoint files, images, or any sort of document, or you can use them to comment on a video while it’s playing. Your narration can be audio only, or you can record it using a webcam. These tools are useful for creating longer lectures, particularly ones for online courses.

If you’d prefer to record a live video of your lecture using your computer’s webcam or another type of device, you can upload your video file to a hosting site like Panopto, YouTube, or Vimeo. This is a great way to create short videos (less than two minutes), for example, weekly update videos in online courses.


You can use Screencast-o-Matic or Panopto to record a task on your computer as you narrate the steps. These tools make it easy to create tutorials for software that is required in your course or to complete a very specific or specialized task.


You can require students to use any of these tools to create a deliverable for an assignment; however, both Panopto and VoiceThread are integrated within D2L and licensed by the university, which means all students have full access to them. Students can use them to record and share a presentation if you require them to create one as an assignment.

Popular Tools

DePaul-Supported Applications


Pro Con
  • D2L integration
  • Presentations can be shared with class
  • Presentations can be edited within the tool
  • Users can search the audio in a presentation for a specific word or phrase
  • Video files can be difficult to download, which makes saving backup copies difficult

Panopto can be accessed in D2L by clicking the "More" button and selecting "Panopto" in the top navigation menu. You can also read documentation on using Panopto​.


Pro Con
  • You and your students can leave comments on one another's presentations
  • Presentations can be shared with a class in D2L
  • Presentations can be edited within the tool
  • You have to upload some sort of media file to create a presentation
  • You don't have access to a file of your presentation that you can store outside of the application

More on VoiceThread​​

OneDrive / Office 365

Pro Con
  • DePaul students are eligible for a free Office 365 account, allowing them to download Microsoft Office onto their personal computers and also use Microsoft's Office Online platform
  • Students can create, collaborate, and share PowerPoints presentations online using OneDrive
  • Mobile, web, and desktop versions are all available
  • Requires downloading a separate free app to edit documents/presentations on mobile devices
  • Office 365 is not currently offered to faculty for free (faculty can still download standalone programs for free/at a discount)

Office 365 for Students More on OneDrive

Applications Not Supported by DePaul

  • Screencast-O-Matic: The free version allows you to record up to 15 minutes of your webcam and/or screen, with limited editing and publishing options.
  • YouTube: A free way to share video recordings of your presentations or lectures, but it is ad-supported.
  • SoundCloud: A free way to share audio recordings such as podcasts, but the free version limits you to uploading 3 hours.

Recommended Reading

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