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University Teaching Committees

Committee on Learning and Teaching (COLT)

    Faculty Discussion
  • Examines institutional policies and structures for their impact on teaching and learning.
  • Supports the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
  • Supports the practice of engaged teaching.
  • Considers and advises on how technology affects the practice of teaching.
  • Advises the Office for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment on the progress of current initiatives in the colleges and the needs for faculty development in teaching, learning and assessment.

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Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT)

This committee's charge is to provide a forum for faculty, academic support staff, and Academic Affairs/Information Services representatives to evaluate the current functioning of course- and research-based technologies as well as to recommend the adoption and funding of new or expanded technology solutions in direct support of the academic enterprise and Vision 2018.

  • All such proposed technology policies and procedures affecting faculty and directly impacting the academic enterprise are sent by the committee to faculty council for review and approval. All other university-wide technology policies and procedure proposals are submitted by IS to the university’s policy and procedures approval process.
  • Specific recommendations for prioritization of teaching-and-learning-related technology projects are made by the committee and sent to IS/Academic Affairs or other appropriate units.
  • Specific recommendations for project funding are forwarded by the committee to Academic Affairs, IS, or other appropriate funding authorities.
  • The committee shall be informed of policy and procedures, project prioritization, and funding decisions.

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