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Explore Your Purpose


Explore Your Purpose (EYP) is a mission-based initiative to foster more intentional purpose exploration and vocational discernment among students, staff and faculty at DePaul consistent with DePaul’s Catholic-Vincentian heritage and mission. 
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Enduring Understandings for Explore Your Purpose Curriculum

To guide current and planned curricular content for the Explore Your Purpose effort, the following enduring understandings, or “big ideas,” have been developed:

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    Living a Meaningful Life

    Personal meaning and social purpose are essential components for a good and fulfilling life and are assets in one’s work/career.

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    Discerning Vocation

    Discerning a sense of vocation (personal meaning and social purpose) happens over time and requires intentionality and ongoing reflection as well as help from others.


    Understanding the Vincentian Heart

    Living with personal meaning and social purpose is not all about you, but ultimately more about how you relate to the larger world and human community.


    Sustaining the Journey

    Sustaining personal meaning and social purpose over a lifetime will require moving through moments of difficulty and developing sustaining practices which foster and evolve one’s sense of vocation in an ongoing way over time.


Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education

Explore Your Purpose at DePaul is supported by a grant to DePaul University from the Council of Independent Colleges Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE). The Lilly Endowment generously supports such NetVUE grants to its college and university members. ​

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