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Integrating Purpose Exploration into the Curriculum (2017/18)

A funding opportunity sponsored by Explore Your Purpose at DePaul


The Explore Your Purpose at DePaul (EYP) initiative is inviting faculty and staff with teaching/learning responsibilities at DePaul to submit project descriptions for a program focused on “Integrating Purpose Exploration into the Curriculum.”

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This program is intended to provide funding support (ranging from $1,000 to $1,500) for the development and implementation of new student learning components relating to purpose exploration within credit-bearing courses at DePaul University. The primary goal is to provide a broader range of students with opportunities across their DePaul experience to deepen or expand their engagement with purpose exploration and vocational discernment relative to their field of study and career path, consistent with DePaul’s Vincentian heritage and mission.

Proposed projects need to align with the enduring understandings, or “big ideas,” and associated learning outcomes of the EYP at DePaul initiative. Faculty/staff are encouraged to make creative and meaningful connections between the purpose exploration outcomes and their specific areas of teaching, research, and service.  In order to be considered for funding, faculty/staff must illustrate how their efforts will ultimately lead to the integration of purpose exploration and reflection by students in credit-bearing courses.   

The primary goal of EYP at DePaul is to foster more intentional purpose exploration and vocational discernment among students, staff and faculty at DePaul consistent with DePaul’s Catholic-Vincentian heritage and mission. Along with other efforts implemented though the EYP at DePaul initiative, this funding opportunity is supported by a grant to DePaul University from the Council of Independent Colleges’ Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE). The Lilly Endowment generously supports such NetVUE grants to its college and university members.

Deadlines and Submission

Project descriptions are due to the EYP Committee by Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6TH and should be submitted online (link below). Recipients will be notified by Wed., December 13th, 2017. Selected recipients will need to submit a final report for the project to the EYP Committee by June 1, 2018.

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With the exception of EYP Committee members, all faculty and staff with teaching/learning responsibilities in credit-bearing courses at DePaul University are eligible to apply; special consideration will be given to those who have previously participated in an EYP at DePaul sponsored workshop or retreat, including the Ozanam Fellows Program and/or other EYP faculty/staff development workshops

Funding Guidelines

EYP projects that involve developing and implementing a new student learning component relating to purpose exploration within a credit-bearing course at DePaul University taking place in the 2017/18 academic year (and then extending beyond) are eligible for funding. This includes the consideration and study of the social purpose or “vocation” of particular academic disciplines and career paths.

Funding will be distributed as follows: up to $1,000 for the faculty/staff member to carry out the project, depending upon the project scope; and up to $500 for materials and supplies not normally covered by the department of college.

Review Process

Project descriptions will be reviewed by a selection committee in partnership with NetVUE.  Funding will be given to projects based upon whether or not the project aligns with enduring understandings and learning outcomes of EYP at DePaul endorsed by NetVUE, and then on the level at which the project meet the following criteria: 

  • Project description clearly defines purpose of project.
  • Project description shows clear alignment to EYP enduring understandings and associated learning outcomes.
Theoretical Framework
  • Project description includes a brief explanation of how the project fits with your operative theoretical framework for teaching and learning and/or with your academic discipline. This should include mention of the relevant literature guiding the effort, as well as a bibliography of this literature.
  • Proposal indicates potential for significant impact in deepening or expanding the understanding of purpose exploration and vocational discernment among students, staff and faculty at DePaul, consistent with DePaul’s Catholic-Vincentian heritage and mission.
  • Project description advances the work of faculty/staff in explicitly linking their academic discipline to broader questions of meaning and social purpose, or vocation.
  • Project description indicates how the project can be potentially repeatable and/or sharable with other faculty/staff in the field of study and/or across disciplines.
  • Development of content can be extended and utilized beyond the current academic year.
Dissemination of Results
  • Project description clearly identifies plans to share results of the project within DePaul. This includes within a credit-bearing course, however also potentially with other faculty and staff, as well as any outside DePaul outlets.
Plan and Timeline
  • Project description clearly defines a project plan.
  • The project timeline clearly aligns with the project plan.
  • Project description provides anticipated learning outcomes affiliated with the credit-bearing course component.
  • Project description identifies any additional outcomes or benefits beyond those of the course component.
  • Project description includes a detailed, itemized budget of how funds will be used, including external funds secured and/or matching funds from DePaul University (including in-kind contributions).


All EYP funded projects are expected to meet the requirements listed below. Failure to meet these requirements may result in ineligibility of funding:
  1. Presentation of the funded EYP project to/within the DePaul community by June 1, 2018. Ideally this will be within a credit-bearing class.  Additional possible avenues would be the annual DePaul University Teaching and Learning Conference in spring quarter, which is focused on the integration of purpose in teaching and learning, or to one’s academic department. Again, in all cases, one ultimate end product of the project should be the integration of purpose-related content into credit-bearing courses which engage DePaul students. 
  2. Explicit recognition of this funding source in any presentations or publications of the project. Recognition should be as follows: “Supported by the Council of Independent Colleges Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) and the Lilly Endowment Inc. as coordinated by the Explore Your Purpose at DePaul initiative.”
  3. A final narrative report (a template will be provided) including a summary of the demonstrable outcomes of the funded EYP project as well as any identified future opportunities, and a final expense report must be submitted to the EYP Committee by June 15, 2018. The report summary will be published on the Teaching Commons website.
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