Political Parties

Political experts discuss Republican and Democratic national conventions

Faculty experts are available to provide insight and commentary on presidential nominations, voter behavior, political marketing and the role of the news media.

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Cutting through the clutter: Study examines 'dark side of home'

Cutting through the clutter: Study examines 'dark side of home'

The phrase “make yourself at home” seems innocuous but there is a significant psychological element to it that few may consider. But according to a recent study, the most common method of “making oneself at home” is by identifying with the objects that are kept in the home — and that kind of attachment can have significant consequences if left unchecked.

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1871 space

DePaul joins 1871, the nation’s largest entrepreneurial technology incubator

Four academic units at DePaul have collaborated to open a dedicated space at 1871, Chicago’s prestigious entrepreneurial technology hub. The new presence on University Row will give students, faculty and alumni access to 1871’s esteemed programming, resources, and provide networking opportunities with industry thought leaders.

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#DePaul in the NEWS

DePaul in the News

#DePaul in the NEWS is a weekly newsletter comprised of the top stories featuring DePaul faculty, staff, students, alumni and programs. For questions, or to let us know you have been in the news, please contact the DePaul Newsroom staff.

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Split Complementary

Hear Chicago artists Dianna Frid and Richard Rezac, and curator Matthew Girson, discuss how the artists’ works reveal surprising connections in the newest Art Minute video about DePaul Art Museum's exhibition "Split Complementary."

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