Your Blue Demon Card on your Smartphone
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Follow these steps including photo submission to get your mobile Blue Demon Card.


After submitting a photo, follow steps to add the Blue Demon Card to an iPhone or Apple Watch.


After submitting a photo, follow steps to add the Blue Demon Card to an Android smartphone.


View the most commonly frequently asked questions for the mobile and physical Blue Demon Card.


Get help ordering the physical card at Blue Demon Card offices in the Loop or Lincoln Park Campus.


Get the details about the procedure for getting and using your Blue Demon Card at DePaul.

Steps to get your mobile Blue Demon Card

Follow these steps to get your mobile Blue Demon Card. The process begins by registering for multi-factor authentication and submitting a profile photo based on the guidelines.

  1. Install BlueKey MFA (if you haven't already)
  2. Review Blue Demon Card photo guidelines
  3. Submit your photo as soon as possible. If you visit the "submit your photo" link and already have an approved photo that works for you, skip this step. Check your BlueM@il for confirmation when your photo is approved (usually 2 business days)
  4. Follow instructions to install the mobile Blue Demon Card on iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone. Review device requirements
  5. Problems? View the Blue Demon Card FAQs or contact the Help Desk

Optional Physical Blue Demon Card

DePaul students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use the mobile ID. Although the Blue Demon Card on your mobile device works at card readers all around university campuses, DePaul students, faculty, or staff members may still want a physical Blue Demon Card. The first step in obtaining a card is to submit a photo online based on profile photo guidelines. You can then visit a Blue Demon Card office to request a physical card during office hours.

Blue Demon Card Offices and Locations

DePaul University has Blue Demon Card offices located on the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses.

Demon Express

Demon Express is a prepaid debit account that is offered to current students, faculty and staff of DePaul University. The account is linked to your Blue Demon Card.


Please note: U-Pass is a separate card and not associated with the Blue Demon Card. The Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides for eligible DePaul students on CTA buses and trains during the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters. The U-Pass is not available during the Winter Intersession.

Transact eAccounts app and eAccounts web page

Manage Demon Express, iPrint, Meal Plan accounts from either the Transact eAccounts app or the eAccounts web page. The app is installed on your phone during the process of adding the mobile credential to your device. DePaul students and employees can make changes and check various accounts through the eAccounts app and web page. Tasks you can do:

  1. Make deposits
  2. Check balances
  3. View account history
  4. Change profile photo
  5. Activate or deactivate your ID card

Door Access and Card Readers

The Blue Demon Card is used on card readers and door access points throughout the Loop and Lincoln Park Campuses. Our goal is to ensure that Blue Demon Card readers work consistently, but they do occasionally malfunction or require changes. Review the list below to either contact the Help Desk or make a request.