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For Employees

For Employees
Staff socially distancing

The return of additional DePaul employees to campus will be guided by the same principles of safety, flexibility and nimbleness that are being applied to welcoming students back to campus.

Determining which employees need to be on campus will be determined at the college or unit level based on the nature of the role as well as ensuring that the university maintains a reduced density of staff, faculty and students on campus at any given time.

In order to maintain appropriate density, the university will implement a variety of flexible work options, including remote/telework, compressed workweeks, shift or rotational work, or a hybrid of these options. It is expected that a significant portion of employees will continue to telework.

Employees will receive specific instructions by their college or unit leadership about returning to campus for work. Any employee who will be asked to return to campus will be given ample time to prepare to do so. Employees working on campus will also complete a mandatory online training. 

Employees working on campus are strongly encouraged to take proper precautions to safeguard their health. This includes staying home when sick or with a fever and observing robust mitigation approaches, such as hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and using hand sanitizer. In addition, all employees who return to campus will be required to wear a face mask—whether indoors or outdoors—and are expected to maintain a 6-foot physical distance from others at all times.

Whether working remotely or on campus, DePaul is thankful for our employees’ commitment, flexibility and compassion in keeping our community strong.

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