Frequently Asked Questions

​​DePaul compiled the most frequently asked questions faculty, staff and students may have about the university's COVID-19 policies and processes. You may browse the questions below or type your question into the search box to find specific topics.

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Health, wellness and prevention
Student and employee vaccine and booster information, COVID-19 testing protocols, contact tracing details, mask guidelines, and other safety measures

University operations
In-person dining policies, HVAC adjustments and other public health measures being taken in campus facilities

Classes and academics for students
Health and safety compliance and consequences, mask wearing, classroom guidance, accessing services if ill

International students
Immigration status details, housing accommodations, ISO health insurance, and fall quarter details

Students in residence halls
DePaul Housing COVID-19 information and instructions

Faculty classroom concerns
Guidance on health and safety compliance in classes and pandemic-related policies

Employees and workforce
Benefits and resources, information for employees with direct reports, sick leave and paid time off, and working remotely


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