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For Students

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For Students
Student biking in Lincoln Park

We’re committed to offering you a high-quality, connected and personalized educational experience that is comfortable, safe and flexible.

Please know that the health, well-being and safety of you and the entire university are our primary focus. The dedication of our distinguished faculty and staff combined with the resilience of students like you will provide a safe environment for you to learn—and succeed.

Students should take proper precautions to safeguard their health. This includes staying home when sick and following DePaul’s health and safety guidelines.

For fall, students will be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Find resources for scheduling your vaccine appointment and learn how to submit proof of your vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Learn about DePaul’s on-campus recommendations and protocols, such as wearing a mask, physical distancing and using the #CampusClear app.

Health and Safety Practices

See how DePaul prepared campus with investments in improved indoor air quality, widely available masks and hand sanitizer, and a cleaning regimen for high-touch surfaces.

Public Health Measures

Review DePaul’s guidelines for students who are planning or attending events on and off campus.

On-Campus Experiences

Learn about the safety measures that are in place for DePaul’s resident community.


Notify DePaul if you or someone else in the university community has tested positive for COVID-19 or were exposed to it.

COVID-19 Reporting Protocol