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Cleaning Protocols

​​​​DePaul’s Facility Operations staff is prioritizing safety, sanitizing and physical distancing measures in their plans to prepare the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses for fall.

Approximately 700 sanitizer stations have been installed throughout office suites, cafeterias, libraries, recreation facilities, in every computer laboratory and in the common areas of each building. Stations will be checked and restocked as needed.

Computer labs will be sanitized each evening. Sanitizer and paper towels are provided in every computer lab for patrons to disinfect keyboards, mice and work surfaces prior to use.

Restrooms will be locked down and cleaned several times each day.

Elevator​ buttons, handrails and other high-touch surfaces will be cleaned as often as feasible. Facility Operations will provide door wedges upon request for office suites to eliminate unnecessary high-touch surfaces. Units will be encouraged to prop open entry doors when and where possible during business hours to reduce hardware touch points. Kitchen and break rooms will be cleaned each night by building cleaning crews.

All HVAC filters in residence halls will be upgraded from MERV-8 to MERV-13 specifically with the aim of reducing potential airborne virus matter. All filters in other DePaul buildings will be similarly upgraded at the next scheduled filter change interval.

As often as possible, DePaul will bring in at least twice the code minimum requirement of outside air into every building that is equipped to do so.

Fans equipped with an internal UV-C light are currently being installed in every DePaul elevator​. These fans will provide a constant supply disinfected air in each elevator cab.

Non-portable, hard-wired UV-C disinfection equipment will soon be installed in the ceilings of select areas within the student medical facility and the Ray Meyer Fitness Center to aid with routine space disinfection. Similar equipment will also be installed into the air handling systems of the Lincoln Park Student Center, the Holtschneider Performance Center a​nd the Schmitt Academic Center.

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, Facility Operations has readily available options on both campuses for disinfecting spaces of various sizes and configurations. The resources include:

  • Hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Hospital-quality portable UV-C light machine rated to kill 99.9 percent of all virus material
  • Clorox 360 electrostatic chemical application machines