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Resources for fall; Planning for winter and beyond

October 27, 2020

Dear students,

You have made it past midterm — congratulations! That is no small accomplishment in these difficult times. I'm writing today to remind you of resources that are available as you make your way to the end of Fall Quarter, and to provide some important information about the plans for winter, spring and summer.

Resources to help you through Fall Quarter:

  • The Student Success website is a one-stop-shop connecting you to academic, professional and holistic support services. In particular, the Success Strategies page provides tips from our very own DePaul students on navigating online courses, including ways to make the most of asynchronous courses. Click here for Library Services
  • There are many ways to get involved and make social connections while practicing social distancing. DePaul's Digital Engagement Network (DEN) provides information on a host of activities offered online by our many student organizations.
  • Keep in mind that the temporary Pass/D/Fail policy remains in effect through December 2020. It gives most undergraduate students and some graduate students three days after grades are posted to decide whether to change a grade of C- or better to a Pass. If you think you might be considering this option for one or more of your classes, check the policy to confirm that you're eligible. Then discuss the implications for your own situation with your academic advisor, Financial Aid and any employer who is contributing to your tuition.
  • Finally, both University Counseling Services and the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness are here to help you navigate issues that may be causing you additional stress in these difficult times.

Winter Quarter:
As we announced earlier, Winter Quarter will be similar to fall, with most classes taking place online. For those of you planning to take one or more face-to-face classes in winter, and for Law students planning to participate in the January term, please be aware that the first two weeks of class will be conducted fully online. As you are seeing in the news, the number of COVID-19 cases is on the rise in Illinois, and there is special concern about gatherings that may take place over the holidays and lead to greater spread of the virus. Moreover, some of you may have holiday plans to travel to states where quarantine will be required for the first two weeks after your return. This shift to online for the first two weeks will help to ensure everyone's health and safety, and enable all students to participate in their classes on an equal footing. Any students who will be living in the residence halls in winter quarter will be receiving more information from DePaul Housing soon.

Looking ahead to Spring Quarter and summer:
Plans for Spring Quarter will be announced in January. Usually, registration for spring and summer occur at the same time. Due to the fluid nature of our current situation, summer registration will instead occur at the same time as registration for next fall; course carts for both terms will open on April 16, 2021 and registration will begin on April 29, 2021.

Looking beyond the pandemic to help get through it:
As the days get shorter and temperatures begin to fall, we all need to develop strategies for getting through the winter. One strategy is to keep in sight the goal of completing your degree; the knowledge you gain and the credentials you earn will serve you long after we are past this pandemic. In the meantime, staying current with your classes and participating in some of the online social interactions that the DEN provides can help engage your mind and lift your spirits during this difficult time. Your instructors, advisors and additional support staff are all here to help you along the way.

As you plan for the coming quarters, know that your instructors continue to develop their own knowledge and best practices for teaching in the different available modalities. I encourage you to work with your academic advisor to put together the best possible mix of classes for you.

With all best wishes,
Salma Ghanem
Interim Provost