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Faculty updates: Winter grading deadline, student evaluations of teaching—March 16, 2020

​March 16, 2020​

​​Dear Faculty,

Thank you for your dedication and hard work as we enter Winter quarter finals week. I know this week will feel very different from our usual finals week. Rest assured I understand the extra hours of work that you are all dedicating to the success of our students. 

I am writing with some updates that come in response to questions I have received:

  • In order to give you some, albeit minimal, breathing room, the deadline for turning in grades for Winter quarter has been extended to midnight on Sunday, March 29, 2020. That gives you two additional days to grade final exams and compile final grades for your winter classes.

  • Student evaluations of teaching (OTE) for both winter and spring continue as planned. I understand your concerns about the potential for negative reviews for courses that would have been face-to-face. I make a commitment to you that Spring 2020 OTEs of courses that were moved to remote modality because of COVID-19 will not be held against you in any review, or promotion and tenure decisions.

  • Spring quarter classes will begin Saturday, March 28, as planned. I have reviewed all feasible options for a late start, and have determined that such a change would create a new set of problems.
I fully recognize the additional challenge that this situation creates for everyone. I deeply appreciate everything you are doing to finish winter term and begin spring term in our new reality. Spring quarter will not be perfect; please just do your best and be compassionate with yourself, your students, and your colleagues.


Salma Ghanem

Interim Provost​