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Spring quarter on-campus masking update

April 7, 2022

In March, the university shared that for the first two weeks of spring quarter, masks would be required in classrooms and labs.

After reviewing a variety of factors, mask-wearing will no longer be required in classrooms and labs starting April 11. However, DePaul will continue to be a mask-friendly campus and wearing a mask will be highly recommended for all indoor spaces.
To make this decision, university leadership considered:  
  • ​The city and university's COVID-19 positivity rates
  • Guidance from Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Perspectives and recommendations of DePaul's Community Health Team and the university's medical advisor
Mask-friendly campus
Members of the DePaul community hold varying views on mask wearing. DePaul will remain a mask-friendly campus out of concern for fellow students and colleagues, and in the spirit of Take Care DePaul. If you are joining a meeting or gathering and a participant asks you to wear a mask, please do so. However, departments and community members cannot require others to wear a mask.
To highlight your mask-wearing preferences, download and print off DePaul's mask-friendly zone poster to hang in your residence hall room, office or cubicle on-campus.

COVID-19 testing 
DePaul strongly encourages community members to seek a COVID-19 test after traveling, if they experience symptoms or were exposed. On-campus testing is available to all DePaul faculty, staff and students. Every home in the United States can also order two sets of four free at-home tests from the federal government.

Positive test reporting 
All faculty, staff and students are required to let DePaul know if they test positive for COVID-19 – no matter if it's through an at-home test, DePaul's on-campus testing or through a medical provider. Reporting allows the university to provide resources and support, and determine if others were exposed and may be at risk. DePaul is committed to respecting the privacy and anonymity of those who test positive and those who may be part of the contact investigation. Report positive cases using DePaul's secure reporting form.

The university will continue to monitor the situation, review CDPH and CDC guidelines, consult with on-campus stakeholders and make adjustments as needed. Changes to the university's COVID-19 measures will be shared on the COVID-19 Updates and Guidance website and in Newsline.

A. Gabriel Esteban, President
Salma Ghanem, Provost 
Sherri Sidler, Executive Vice President