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Professional Development

Energize your employees with fresh ideas and insightful strategies delivered online or in person at your location by faculty experts from DePaul University. Choose the topics that address your workplace needs and we'll work with your team to schedule a convenient date and time. We are happy to partner with your employee resource groups to provide engaging speakers for their events.

Bob Rubin, PhD
This session is designed to help you think more deeply about how best to learn and grow throughout your career. Substantial evidence suggests, for instance, that some experiences and skill sets are far more likely than others to contribute to your long-term career development and success. In this session, you will explore the critical factors associated with the development of successful careers to help promote informed choices regarding which types of activities to pursue and which to ignore.

Alyssa Westring, PhD
Alyssa Westring, a researcher/educator/coach/professor and working parent, provides evidence-based, practical guidance on how to gain a greater sense of purpose, control, and connection as you strive to meet the demands of remote work and life during these turbulent times. In an engaging and interactive one-hour session, you will learn how to clarify the values that guide you through difficult times; engage with the people who matter most in fresh, meaningful ways; cultivate a community of caregiving and support; and experiment with ways to live and work in our new reality.

Veronica Appleton, PhD (candidate)
You will gain an understanding of various topics surrounding communicating in a diverse and inclusive workplace environment. Topics include: cultural values, beliefs, language, racial backgrounds, sexual orientation, and attitudes that underline different ways of verbal and nonverbal communication. When you understand your impact and influence on clients, the business, the bottom line and beyond, you not only become engaged, you become empowered.

Jaclyn Jensen, PhD
This session is designed to encourage your self-awareness and self-assessment of your knowledge of diversity, privilege, stereotypes, and biases in the workplace. Research and key insights relating to inclusion in the workplace environment will be presented.

James Alvarez Mourey, PhD
What drives consumer behavior? In an era of influencers and immediate gratification, how can companies connect with their customers to uncover important insights about drivers of behavior in enough time to act on those insights? And what treasure troves of useful information exists online—entirely for free—that can be mined for insights about consumer tastes, preferences and trends? The discussion will focus on why and how consumers make decisions, while sharing the latest research findings and tools that companies should/could use to become more informed about their current/prospective customers.

Alyssa Westring, PhD
This session provides insight into how work cultures may hinder or facilitate employee work-life balance. It will advance the work-life conversation beyond the narrow focus of whether policies are “on the books.” Instead, we will explore the subtle assumptions and practices in the work culture that can have a profound impact on work-life balance. You will learn evidence-based strategies for identifying and addressing these cultural barriers.

Veronica Appleton, PhD (candidate)
Inclusion is the heart of an organization. By fostering relationships and a democratized organization, any organization can achieve diversity and inclusion. Learn to create thriving ecosystems designed to connect, grow and build inclusive environments. This exciting seminar will review the constructs and best practices in mitigating bias in the workplace. You will receive tips and best practices in building stronger teams and discover how to create a diverse workplace mirroring the world we live in today.