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“Great experience, great connections and the opportunity of a lifetime.”
--Adriana, vice president, corporate education partner

WEBINAR: The Imperfect Leader

This seminar explores the main myth of perfectionism: that to lead yourself or others successfully, you must ruthlessly pursue perfection.  As an alternative, healthier means to grow professionally, we will discuss the role of conscientiousness, compassion and empathy through the FACTS approach: 
Framing and setting goals
Authentically prioritizing goals
Compassionately addressing your doubting voice
Transforming your relationship with work through a growth mindset 
Supporting your imperfect self through intentional relationship-building 
 We will dig deep into the implications of being "imperfect" on your ability to lead yourself and others with vulnerability, including practical strategies for coping with imposter syndrome, low confidence and a proven-performance mindset. 

Grace Lemmon, PhD, is an associate professor of management and director of the Doctor of Business Administration program for DePaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. She is a research expert on topics related to stress management, including burnout, engagement, work detachment and work recovery.  She is particularly interested in how people develop more fulfilling relationships with work through value alignment. She has published her work in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, and Organizational Dynamics. She provides corporate training on topics related to stress, mindfulness, and barriers to leadership, such as perfectionism, procrastination and imposter syndrome.

Before the webinar, DePaul University will provide a brief overview of the degree programs available to CDW employees, including corporate partner cohorts.

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Time: Noon - 1 PM CT

WEBINAR: Influencing Effective Employee Communications

Are you a visionary? Influencer? Or coach? If you have a mix of communication styles, join the club! From senior management to team managers, professionals communicate on different levels of effectiveness and engagement. Research shows that effective leaders encourage dialogue, develop opinions and enhance corporate responsibility. Maintaining this “ahead of the curve” philosophy can be a daunting process, especially when an employee communications strategy falls through the cracks. The key is to enable consistency of the message and to provide open and honest truths when sharing positive or negative company-wide news. During this seminar, you will explore these topics through a mini-lecture, best practices and industry case studies.

Veronica S. Appleton, PhD, is an award-winning scholar-practitioner with a passion for creativity and innovation. Appleton is a faculty member in the College of Communication with a focus on organizational and intercultural communications. Her research intersects understanding human behavior and culture building, with special interests in women of color in leadership and storytelling as an intentional tool for employee engagement. She currently serves as member of the university's Black Leadership Coalition and was previously a board member for the College of Communication Committee for Contingent Faculty.

Before the webinar, DePaul University will provide a brief overview of the degree programs available to CDW employees, including corporate partner cohorts.

Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Time: Noon - 1 PM CT

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