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Caucasian professor lecturing in front of rows of students
“Great experience, great connections and the opportunity of a lifetime.”
--Adriana, vice president, corporate education partner

​Webinar: 'Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Mastering Implicit Bias'

Sponsored by HOLA

Inclusion is the heart of an organization. By fostering relationships and a democratized organization, any organization can achieve diversity and inclusion. Learn to create thriving ecosystems designed to connect, grow and build inclusive environments. This exciting seminar will review the constructs and best practices in mitigating bias in the workplace. You will receive tips and best practices in building stronger teams and discover how to create a diverse workplace mirroring the world we live in today.

Veronica S. Appleto​n, PhD (candidate) is an award-winning scholar-practitioner with a passion for creativity and innovation. Appleton is a faculty member in the College of Communication with a focus on organizational and intercultural communications. 

Date:           Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021
Time:          Noon - 1 PM CDT (online) 

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Before each event, there will be a brief information session about corporate partner programs available to CDW coworkers. For more information contact Ed Ramsay​

Events at DePaul

DePaul frequently holds admission events and open houses online. They are a prime opportunity to meet an admission representative, discuss program offerings and the admission process, or answer individual questions.

Join us to learn how DePaul can help you achieve your personal​ and professional aspirations.