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“When I weighed the specifics of the program—the benefits of an on-site program with a streamlined enrollment process and an attractive cost relative to a traditional program—it was an easy decision to enroll.”
--Anthony, MBA ‘18

DePaul On-site MBA Program for CIBC Employees

The first DePaul-CIBC MBA program is currently underway. The degree provides participants with practical knowledge with a focus on leadership. They learn how to apply theory to practice and get things done. They will complete the degree with new ideas and skills that they can apply immediately. 

The are developing detailed knowledge about:

  • Negotiation 
  • Leadership in Your Organization
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation in Business
Additional cohorts may be scheduled in the future. Use the link at the left to request information. 

Program Details

For detailed information regarding the CIBC MBA program curriculum, courses and financing options, please follow the links below: