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Partnership Benefits

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“I have gained the ability to discuss marketing, sales, finance, purchasing and management—topics I would have felt ill-prepared for based on work experience alone.”
--Matt, MBA 

​Community college employee MBA cohort

Currently, DePaul is recruiting employees of our community college partners for an MBA degree program tailored to higher education that will begin in September 2021. Benefits include:

  • A 40% tuition discount, equivalent to a savings of more than $25,000*
  • No GMAT, personal essay or letters of recommendation required
  • No application fee
  • A dedicated academic counselor throughout the program

Find out more​ about the community college partner MBA cohort. 

Graduate or undergraduate degrees

Through DePaul's partnership with your community college, you may apply for any undergraduate or graduate degree that the university offers. Benefits include:

  • A 10% tuition discount on most programs*​
  • No application fee
  • An admission counselor who specializes in serving working adults

Get the discount when you apply

To receive your tuition discount, choose Community College Partner as your employer from the drop-down menu on the admission application. Then, select your community college from the drop-down list that appears. The application fee will be waived and you will be eligible for the discount. DePaul will verify your employment.

*Partnership discounts​​ cannot be used in conjunction with other DePaul scholarships, waivers or awards, including the Double Demon discount, or applied to a few select degree programs where tuition has already been lowered. ​​

Get the discount if you already attend DePaul

Go to Campus Connect. Select the Profile tile. Next, click Work Experience in the left-hand navigation bar. Click the Add Work Experience button. Update your current employer information by selecting Community College Partner and then your community college from the drop-down boxes.

You will be required to attach proof of your employment as instructed on the Work Experience panel. Please do not submit any password-protected documents.

This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other DePaul scholarships, waivers or awards, including the Double Demon discount.

Please contact the scholarship team at if you have any questions.

Deferred Payment Option

You may defer payment until the end of the term by using DePaul's Employer Tuition Deferral Plan.

Military and Veterans Benefits

Serving returning military members has been a priority at DePaul since World War II. We do not limit the number of veterans who can enroll through the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides tuition-free education to eligible students. Learn more about your eligibility and veteran educational benefits.


Email for questions on partnership benefits.