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Partnership Benefits

Beginning July 2018, employees of companies and organizations who participate in the EdAssist network are eligible for:

  • Lower Out-of-Pocket Degree Cost. A 10 percent tuition discount from DePaul University makes pursuing your education more affordable.
  • Application Fee Waived
  • Full Portfolio of Degree Programs. Whether you are hoping to complete your bachelor's degree or wishing to pursue an advanced degree, DePaul has a program that is right for you.
  • Customized Onsite Degrees. DePaul has the expertise to tailor an education plan to meet your organization's needs and objectives. As an education partner, we can develop a comprehensive solution that works for your company — including onsite degree programs.

Get the EdAssist Discount

Follow the steps below to take advantage of your educational partnership discount:
  1. Apply online​ 
  2. In the application, under the (text)choose EdAssist,
    then choose your current employer from the list provided. 
Admission counselors​ are available for questions regarding the admission and application process.

Deferred Payment Option

If your company has tuition reimbursement, you have the option to defer payment until the end of the term by using DePaul's Employer Tuition Deferral Plan.

Military and Veterans Benefits

Serving returning military members has been a priority at DePaul since World War II. We do not limit the number of veterans who can enroll through the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides tuition-free education to eligible students. Learn more about your eligibility and veteran educational benefits.

Email for questions on partnership benefits.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​