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​​​​​​​​“Great experience, great connections and the opportunity of a lifetime.”

--Adriana, vice president, corporate education partner

SEMINAR SERIES: Walgreens | Winter Quarter 2020 - 2021 

DECEMBER 2020: 'Working in Virtual Teams' 

Professor Erich Dierdorff will present the factors that drive the effectiveness of individual- and team-level learning, as well as determining the most effective practices for work analysis, work design, work performance, and leadership effectiveness. During this current environment, effective teamwork is essential for organizations to continue to thrive and, through this seminar, best practices in teamwork will be discussed.

Date:           Tuesday, December 15​, 2020
Time:          12:00 P​M – 1:00 PM CST (ONLINE WEBINAR) 

JANUARY 2021: 'Reframing Stress: How to Make Stress Work for You While Working Remotely' 

This online seminar will discuss how to harness your stress for productivity. Simply put, in the right conditions, with the right boundaries, feeling stress can create a sense of energy, focus, and drive. Professor Grace Lemmon will present insights on how to manage stress through a neutralization process, which draws from recent research on mindfulness and introspection.​

​Date:           Thursday, January 14​, 2021
Time:          12:00 P​M – 1:00 PM CST (ONLINE WEBINAR) 

FEBRUARY 2021: 'Stress, Sleep and Performance​​' 

With both a Masters in Health and Behavioral Sleep Medicine as well as a doctoral specialization in psychology, Dr. Marty Martin is uniquely qualified to reveal the key elements that can aid in sustaining a productive work environment from home.

This seminar will outline the key mechanisms that drive high performance and how each is related to stress and sleep. While many can intuit this relationship, the discussion will provide a needed academic and scientific orientation to ground individual experiences.​​

​Date:           Wednesday, February 17​, 2021
Time:          12:00 P​M – 1:00 PM CST (ONLINE WEBINAR) 
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For more information about the events/speaker series, please contact Ed Ramsay for details. 

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