Financial Fitness @ DePaul

Confidential one-on-one financial counseling

Meet one-on-one with a trained advisor who can help you with basic money matters, personal financial planning, problem solving, and advice.

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Financial Fitness @ DePaul

Jumpstart your financial fitness

Whether you're setting up your first budget or preparing for life after graduation, there's a Financial Fitness workshop for you.​

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Learn about many financial topics in an easily digestible and visual way. 

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  • If you are interested in learning how to maintain and build wealth, this is the workshop series for you. Topics covered will include investing basics for stocks, bonds and...
    Location: Richardson 400
  • We all want to save but know that it can be hard to stick to a savings plan. This workshop will provide you with some strategies for saving and will help you to set...
    Location: DPC 9500
  • Do you know how your credit habits will affect your lifestyle? Learn important information about choosing credit cards, understanding credit reports and credit scores and...
    Location: DPC 9500