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BlueSky: DePaul's new Oracle Cloud system

Blue sky with a DePaul building
BlueSky is the name of the Oracle Cloud platform that has been implemented for the university’s human resources and finance applications. As of January 2021, accessing information and completing tasks related to human resources and finance at DePaul transitioned from PeopleSoft to BlueSky.

BlueSky offers DePaul a modernized and synchronized application platform based on an internet-based system vs. an intranet-based system for data applications (e.g., PeopleSoft). This cloud-based system offers many benefits to the university, including:

  • Improved self-service for employees and managers
  • Continuous upgrades and process improvements to maintain relevance and currency
  • Better access and use of data for decision making

Most importantly, the cloud-based BlueSky system allows university employees to spend less time on administrative processes and more time on efforts that contribute to DePaul’s mission—supporting student education and success.​

While DePaul’s human resources and finance data are no longer operating through PeopleSoft applications, the university will still be using PeopleSoft for other data needs within the university. For example, Campus Connect, which is built on top of PeopleSoft's Campus Solutions (CS) system, will still be used at the university. 

The implementation of BlueSky is an exciting moment in DePaul’s history and nearly every employee in the DePaul community is an end user for at least one self-service function in the new system. This investment in DePaul’s information infrastructure enables the university to carry out our core business functions more efficiently and provides a sustainable solution for our data into the future.​

BlueSky FAQs

The PeopleSoft system was originally created in the 1980s and implemented at DePaul in the late 1990s. Much has changed since then. The Oracle Cloud system provides a modernized, 21st century solution that enables continuous technological updates that allow us to deliver customized data faster and reduce administrative processes. As a result, we can pursue the university’s ultimate goal: greater focus on student education and success.

No. DePaul will still use Campus Connect, which is built on top of PeopleSoft's Campus Solutions (CS) system, for other data needs within the university.

A large internal team, consisting of individuals from Information Services, Human Resources, and Finance, worked alongside Drivestream, a certified Oracle implementation partner to transition DePaul's human resources, finance and budget planning applications from PeopleSoft to the Oracle Cloud system. Given the scope and the complexities of converting parts of a 20-year-old, customized system, the project was no easy undertakingbut the team was able to accomplish this systems conversion in just over 18 months.

In addition to the work of getting the new system up and running, the BlueSky Team has developed detailed training that is available online as well as through virtual in-person training sessions. Click here for BlueSky training resources. In addition to training, the BlueSky Help Tool is a robust on-screen help tool that guides users through the system—so memorizing a list of what clicks are needed to complete different tasks is eliminated.