Welcome to BlueSky!

a blue sky over of DePaul Campus

It's time for an upgrade to our HR and Finance systems

The University has embarked upon an important systems transition, moving Finance and Human Resources applications from the current PeopleSoft platform to Oracle Cloud. The original PeopleSoft platform was first developed in the 1980s and implemented at DePaul in the late 1990s. Oracle Cloud offers a 21st century solution that will provide continuous technological updates that will enable us to deliver customized data faster and reduce administrative processes. DePaul's version of the Oracle Cloud system will be called BlueSky.

The impact of this systems change is far-reaching. Nearly every employee in the DePaul community is an end user for at least one self-service function. Please continue to visit this website for the latest training information, news and updates.

Less time on administration. More focus on the mission.

Oracle Cloud is a modernized and synchronized application platform that will allow university employees to spend less time on administration and more time on efforts that contribute to DePaul’s mission.

More information about the transition to Oracle Cloud