Welcome to BlueSky!

a blue sky over of DePaul Campus

BlueSky is DePaul's system for finance and human resources applications. DePaul employees access a range of functions through BlueSky based on their role at the university, such as: payroll submission and approval, paid time off requests, benefits enrollment, performance goals, online training and budget planning. This site provides information and training resources for BlueSky.​   

Access BlueSky

  1. Access BlueSky directly through mybluesky.depaul.edu.

  2. Click on the “Company Single Sign-on” button. See an example of the BlueSky sign in page here.

  3. Use your BlueKey credentials to sign in to BlueSky. If you have not already registered for BlueKey multi-factor authentication, the system will prompt you to do so before you can access it. 

Find Answers to Your BlueSky Questions

  • Use the BlueSky Help tool. Once you are in BlueSky, you will see a small red rectangular icon on the right side of the screen. Click on the icon and you will be prompted to type in the topic that you need help with. Then the BlueSky Help tool will guide you through the system to help you complete your task.
  • Access online training resources. The "How Do I?" section​ of this site offers information on tasks within BlueSky specific to your role in the system.
  • Contact the Help Desk. Call (312) 362-8765 or (773) 325-HELP or email helpdesk@depaul.edu for assistance with BlueSky. The Help Desk will also coordinate support from the Finance and Human Resources teams as necessary.