DePaul University 

The Look of a Leader.

Visual consistency is a competitive strength.

By adhering to clearer, simpler standards for color, typography and the use of our logo, we can all do our part in strengthening the DePaul brand in the marketplace. This is the spirit behind our new brand consistency initiative.

Our leadership's vision:
a more consistent DePaul look.

DePaul's leadership has a vision for the university, and it includes speaking to the world in a clear, cohesive voice. The directive to us: to be sure that all visual expressions of our brand achieve and maintain the highest degree of consistency.

Brand consistency has big benefits.

Sharing the same look and feel helps our audiences instantly recognize the DePaul brand. A consistent look promises the same high level of excellence and the same great, unique DePaul experience across all aspects of campus life. Equally important, it helps us stand out in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Creativity with cohesiveness.

Together, we can achieve both creativity and cohesiveness across all DePaul visual communications by focusing on three key areas:

Owning our blue

We've simplified our color standards around DePaul blue and red.

Explore the color palette

Tightening type standards

We've developed clearer guidelines for all DePaul typography.

Explore the typography

Honoring our DePaul logo

We've provided easy-to-follow rules for using the DePaul logo.

Understand the logo guidelines

A new toolbox.

We have created the DePaul Brand Toolbox to make it easy for us to stay on the same page. It provides everything you need to do your part to help us achieve a stronger, more consistent, more instantly recognizable look. The look of a leader.

Find it here.