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Logos and Marks

The DePaul University identity is a complex set of logos, signatures, graphics and text elements. Great care has gone into the development of our identity and these guidelines with the goal of promoting and protecting our brand. Each component of the DePaul identity works together with all others to ensure a consistent look and feel in our communications materials.

To preserve DePaul’s brand unity, university units may not develop or use other logos without authorization from the associate vice president for University Marketing Communications. Electronic files of the logo and logo and signature can be requested from University Marketing Communications.

University Logo

The logo, called the Tree of Wisdom, expresses the university’s integration of education and religion by combining the forms of a tree and a cross within a shield.

The official logo should appear in a prominent position on all university communication documents, marketing materials including publications, websites, advertising, and other products (i.e. banners, displays, external signage). The logo may be used on its own or in combination with the authorized university signature.

The official logo is trademarked and cannot be altered or recreated in any way. Request an electronic logo file from University Marketing Communications.


University Logo and Signature

The signature is a unique typographic word mark displaying the full name of DePaul University.

The logo and signature should be used on all materials that do not have “DePaul” prominently displayed. The logo and signature also should appear in all return address blocks or on the back cover when there is not an address block. The signature must be used with the logo in the authorized configurations. The primary configuration is shown here.

The logo and signature are official trademarks of DePaul University and cannot be altered or recreated in any way. Request electronic logo and signature files from University Marketing Communications.


Web Graphic

Due to Web design limitations, a graphic element consisting of the logo and the word DePaul may be used on the Web. This graphic element may only be used on DePaul Web sites, and is the only graphic exception to the authorized logo and signature.


Logo and Signature Usage Rules

Secondary configuration

When space limitations or size of reproduction preclude the use of the primary configuration, this alternate configuration may be used.


College, Department and Campus configurations

DePaul has developed primary and secondary marks for each of its colleges as well as versions that include the department/program name along with the school or college name. These treatments should be used when college identity is required or when it is critical to convey both college and department/program names. In addition, campus marks are available when campus identity is necessary. Approved marks can be obtained from University Marketing Communications.


Area of Isolation

The area surrounding the logo and signature must be equal to or more than ½ X, where “X” is equal to the total height of the logo. This clear space must be maintained around the entire logo or logo and signature.


The logo and signature must not be placed close to distracting design elements and must not become part of a larger pattern or design element.

The only exception to this area of isolation is the use of secondary type (for example, an address block), which must be positioned ¼ X from baseline of the logo or signature (see examples below).

Minimum Size of Reproduction

It is important to make sure DePaul’s logo and signature configurations are easily identified on materials. In order to ensure easy identification, minimum print reproduction sizes have been established for all configurations.

Primary Configuration

Minimum print reproduction size is 5⁄16 inch

Primary College and Campus Configuration

Minimum print reproduction size is 7⁄16 inch

Primary College and Department Configuration

Minimum print reproduction size is 9⁄16 inch

Secondary Configuration

Minimum print reproduction size is 13⁄16 inch

Secondary College and Campus Configuration

Minimum print reproduction size is 5⁄16 inch

Secondary College and Department Configuration

Minimum print reproduction size is 11⁄16 inch



When the imprint area on merchandise is smaller than the minimum size of reproduction, use the words “DePaul” or “DePaul University” in a sans serif typeface. 

Color Guidelines 

The logo and signature must always appear in the same solid colors. Screen tints are not allowed. The inside of the tree, the inside of the shield and the signature appear in the same color.

Color Palette

University Colors

PMS 300 (blue)

PMS 185 (red)

Athletic Colors

PMS 285 (blue)

PMS 186 (red)

PMS 293 (light blue)


Use with Photos

The placement of the logo and signature should be in an area of the photograph where there are no distracting patterns or elements. As a reminder, the outline of the Tree of Wisdom should be the same color as the photograph.


Co-branding and Endorsements

DePaul Logo with Non-DePaul Logos

DePaul and its programs frequently partner with outside organizations. When materials are created for these purposes, the prominence of the DePaul logo and signature should be at least proportionate to its contribution to the partnership.

If DePaul is the dominant partner, the logo and signature should be larger and more prominent than all other partners. 

For an equal partnership, DePaul's logo and signature should be of equal size and prominence with a single equal partner.

If DePaul is one of several lesser partners in an initiative headed by a dominant partner, DePaul’s logo and signature should be of equal prominence and size with the lesser partners, but smaller than the dominant partner.

Contact the associate AVP for University Marketing Communications for more information.


DePaul Co-Sponsored Events

When several DePaul divisions, departments, colleges, etc. are co-sponsoring an event on campus, it is not necessary to use more than one logo. Instead, use the DePaul University logo and signature and list the sponsoring areas. 

Logo Integrity

​​Things to Avoid:
Do not set in a different typeface. 
Do not reposition, resize or separate components of the logo and signature.
Do not display the tree without the shield.
Do not angle or rotate. 
Do not alter elements.
Do not change the spacing between the letters or the spacing between the logo and signature.
Do not add a shadow or dimension to the logo and signature. 
Do not use the signature without the logo.
Do not scan or copy from the Web. Please contact University Marketing Communications for an official file.
Do not tint the signature or its components.
Do not reassign colors to individual elements of the logo and signature.
Do not use any color but the background color to outline the Tree of Wisdom.
Do not reassign separate colors to the logo and signature.
Do not delete elements of the logo and signature. Contact University Marketing Communication for Web exceptions.
Do not write “DePaul” in all capital letters.
Do not add a space between “De” and “Paul” in DePaul.
Do not use the logo and signature as a printed “watermark.”
Do not stretch or distort the logo and signature.
Do not overlap with other logos or marks.
Do not create a decorative pattern with the logo.
Do not fill or apply a mask.
Do not apply graphic elements that could diminish or obscure appearance.
Do not place on a background that does not provide sufficient contrast.​​

Text Elements

When referring to DePaul University in text, headlines, or body copy, any typeface except for one that is similar to the DePaul University signature may be used. In addition, there is no space between the “E” and “P” in the word DePaul. When using all capital letters, the letter “E” must appear in small caps.

When referring to St. Vincent de Paul, the “d” is lowercase and a space is used between the “de” and “Paul.” When using all capital letters, the letters “DE” must appear in small caps.



The official seal of DePaul University is the coat of arms enclosed within a frame bearing the words "DePaul University-Chicago Illinois." Use of the seal is reserved for approved signage; formal and official documents, such as diplomas, legal and official records, transcripts and programs for formal academic ceremonies; any other legal agreements binding the university; or merchandise as approved by the Director of Marketing and Licensing, Athletic Department.

Use of the seal and coat of arms requires authorization from the Office of the Secretary of the University.


Coat of Arms

The official coat of arms of DePaul University is an emblematic description of the founding of the university. It is reserved for use on official, formal and ceremonial applications, such as invitations, materials associated with commencement or accreditation, certificates, awards or commemorative pieces. It should not be used with the athletic logo, other secondary logos or logos of other institutions; DePaul’s logo and signature should be used in such situations.

Use of the seal and coat of arms requires authorization from the Office of the Secretary of the University.


Athletic Logo

The official athletic logo for the Blue Demons was developed in 1999 to reflect the energy and enthusiasm for athletics at DePaul. Use of any prior athletic logos is unacceptable.

The Blue Demons logo, shown here in its authorized configuration, is a copyright and trademark of DePaul. Several official athletic secondary marks are also available.

The athletic logo can only be reproduced in its official colors. Using screen tints of these colors is unacceptable.

Goods and merchandise intended for internal use by university colleges, departments and student organizations must have artwork approved by the Director of Marketing and Licensing, Athletic Department before production.

For more information about DePaul athletic logos or merchandising contact the Director of Marketing and Licensing, Athletic Department.


Anniversary Marks

The college anniversary mark was developed in 2011 to provide colleges and schools celebrating momentous anniversaries a cohesive, branded mark to be used on marketing materials, websites and stationery. The two available marks shown here clearly identify the college, anniversary milestone and years in a stylized ‘shield.’ These marks must be used in tandem with the DePaul University logo and signature and can be used for a maximum of 1½ years (6 months prior to the anniversary date).

Approved anniversary marks can be obtained from University Marketing Communications.


Anniversary Mark Usage Rules


Emphasis Rule: The anniversary mark should always appear in tandem with the DePaul University logo and, in most cases, appear secondary, allowing the main emphasis to be on the DePaul logo.


Exception to the Emphasis Rule: When a piece is created specifically to celebrate the anniversary, the anniversary mark can be the dominant logo. In these instances, the DePaul logo should appear apart from the mark (e.g., on the back page of the piece).



The anniversary mark compact and expanded options are available in adjustable and fixed formats. Contact University Marking Communications for design files.


Adjustable Format

The adjustable format is for copying and placing into InDesign or Illustrator files. This format allows for customization of the color on a per-case basis.


Fixed Format

The fixed format is for direct placement into documents without manipulation of color. This is for use only in situations when the ability to customize the color of the mark is not available.



There is no prescribed standard color for the anniversary mark.


Color in the Adjustable Format

Whenever possible, the adjustable format should be used and color should be assigned contextually so the mark relates to its environment.


In general, when using the adjustable format, color is applied primarily to the banner. The number/years (100 YEARS) should appear white, or at least be the strongest element in the composition; in the compact version, the dates and college names remain black. In the expanded version, the dates appear grey when on a white background and in a tint of the banner color when on a color background. The college name appears black. When the mark is secondary to the DePaul University logo, color should be subdued, by being a tint of the background color or a light color on a white background.


Color in the Fixed Format

In cases where custom colorization is not possible, the fixed format offers three color options: black & white, dark blue and light blue.



When used over photography, the compact version is recommended and should appear in one color. The dates and college names should be ‘knocked out’ so the photo appears through the letters and numbers.



When used in tandem with the DePaul logo, the anniversary mark should be sized relative to the DePaul logo. The mark should appear no smaller than .67x (or 67%) the width of the DePaul shield used on the piece or site and no larger than 1.33x (or 133%). When the anniversary mark is the dominant element and separated from the DePaul logo, it can be sized according to context and allowable space.




There are three basic ways to place the anniversary mark:


1. The floating mark is recommended especially for the expanded version and works best in applications where a more formal presentation is desired.


2. The hanging mark appears to “hang” from the top edge of printed piece or another graphic element within a design. This technique emphasizes the celebratory nature of a banner signaling a special occasion.


3. The aligned mark is appropriate when the anniversary mark shares tight quarters with the DePaul logo. In this placement, it is imperative that the secondary configuration of the DePaul logo and signature be used.