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DePaul Council on Community Engagement
DePaul's Council on Community Engagement February, 2020

​​​The Council connects the different units at DePaul engaging with community partners at the local, regional and global levels. Grounded in the Vincentian mission and the values of respect for human dignity and the quest for social justice, DePaul has long engaged in partnerships with the larger community for mutually beneficial learning and service. The Council leverages this work for greater strategic impact on the community and the university by:

  • Connecting faculty, staff, community members and students involved in community engagement;
  • Sharing information and practices in order to coordinate, improve and sustain our community engagement efforts;
  • Developing strategic priorities for DePaul's community engagement and advocating for them across the University;
  • Telling the story of DePaul's community engagement by maintaining reliable data on the university's many initiatives.​