DePaul Download

DePaul Download is a podcast that highlights the university’s thinkers and doers.

The guests include DePaul’s faculty experts discussing their initiatives or the pressing issues of the times. You’ll also hear from our president, Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban, about both the challenges facing higher education and DePaul’s response to our guiding question: What must be done?

DePaul Download is available through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and other platforms. You can also listen to episodes using the player below. Visit the How to Listen page for more information.

Episode 1

September 24, 2019

President A. Gabriel Esteban: Tracing the Path from Manila to DePaul

Dr. Esteban’s early life experiences in the Philippines influenced his journey to the presidency of DePaul.

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Episode 2

September 24, 2019

Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco and David Wellman Introduce The Grace School of Applied Diplomacy

Can you imagine a school in which a Chicago community organizer studies alongside a peer in the foreign service? Established with an anonymous $20 million gift, DePaul’s new Grace School of Applied Diplomacy is making that a reality.

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Episode 3

October 8, 2019

Horace Hall and John Joe Schlichtman: How Access to Education and Gentrification Feed Inequality

DePaul Professor Horace Hall, who co-founded a Chicago youth outreach program, joins Professor John Joe Schlichtman, an urban sociologist, to discuss inequality and gentrification— issues at the root of controversies over development, housing, safety and education.

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Episode 4

November 12, 2019

Dr. Gabriel Esteban & Lydia Stazen: World’s Big Sleep Out and Ending Homelessness within This Generation

Lydia Stazen, executive director of DePaul's Institute of Global Homelessness, joins DePaul’s president, Dr. Gabriel Esteban, in conversation about the World's Big Sleep Out and the institute's plans to turn the energy and momentum of the Dec. 7 event into meaningful action.

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