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DePaul’s evolving course offerings

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations on the successful completion of another academic year. Your passion and our university’s dynamic academic environment have fostered growth in our academic offerings throughout our university.

Each program at DePaul is constantly evolving, and I am writing to thank you for your proposals for new and existing programs. I appreciate each of your efforts to tailor curriculum to the ever-changing needs of our students. In addition to new program offerings, faculty are making innovative developments each day in and out of the classroom.

Though not an exhaustive list of new programs, below are summaries of a few exciting programs across DePaul. I’d like to thank each of you for developing course offerings to more effectively prepare our students for their postgraduate careers. 

The Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media will introduce a new bachelor's degree in robotics starting in Fall 2024. The robotics program will focus on three main learning objectives: robot design and system integration, core principles in Computer Science and Mathematics, and cross-disciplinary applications. Students can also work hands-on with a variety of robots, including flying robots, ground robots, and a robotic arm, in a new Robotics and AI Lab. 

The certificate in Trauma Psychology includes a four-course sequence that provides a multifaceted approach to understanding the effects of trauma on human interactions. Originally created to enhance the community psychology master's concentration, trauma psychology courses are now available to any interested undergraduate or graduate students. Students are taught theoretical understandings of trauma and practical methods to integrate trauma-informed approaches into their work. 

This new interdisciplinary major prepares students to leverage skills in computer science, statistics, and data analytics to effectively fulfill traditional business functions. The major requires four core courses and an advanced analytics course within a specialization such as accounting, finance or marketing. Through exposure to a breadth of applications, graduates will be ready to pursue specialized careers or careers within analytics divisions of larger companies. 

The Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media and College of Law have partnered to create a new interdisciplinary certificate offering foundational training in both technology and law. This program, offered online and accessible to students throughout the United

States, was developed to meet a growing need for professionals with knowledge of data security.

Thank you for your incredible effort this year. I wish you all a restorative summer.

Salma Ghanem, Ph.D.