Safety warning to divestment coaltion

Emails from May 8 to Request a Meeting for May 9 

From: Engagement Team
Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2024 10:54 AM
Subject: Meeting request for tomorrow, Thursday May 8 - urgent 

Divestment Coalition –   

The engagement team was asked by the administration, with urgency, to set up a meeting for us all to reconvene tomorrow, Thursday May 9

Please give us a time at which you can all be available and we'll provide a location on the Lincoln Park Campus. 

The Engagement Team is committed to and continues to keep the lines of communication open.        


The Engagement Team 

From: Divestment Coalition
Sent: Wednesday, May 8, 2024 12:04 PM 

Dear Engagement Team:   

The Divestment Coalition must decline the request to reconvene tomorrow as we cannot identify a time that would fit our academic obligations. Though some members of our negotiating team are willing to and have already missed classes to accommodate the last two meetings, this is unsustainable and we are sure everyone involved would like to make sure that our student negotiators can focus on a productive dialogue. If the administration and Engagement Team are amenable to reconvening on Monday instead, we can proceed with scheduling accordingly. 

Also, please remember to include all student members in these correspondences. We have [name removed] with this reply.    

With that said, we sense that urgency is being stressed in your message to us. Anything that needs to be delivered to us with urgency can always be communicated over email. 

Until liberation,
The DePaul Divestment Coalition